BREAKING: Snap poll finds Keir Starmer clear winner in Sky leaders debate

Sir Keir Starmer won the debate by a large margin

Keir Starmer leaders debate

A snap poll from YouGov on behalf of Sky News has dealt Rishi Sunak a huge blow and revealed that Keir Starmer was the clear winner with the public on tonight’s leaders debate.

The public thought Sir Keir Starmer won the debate by 64%, compared to a much lower 36% who thought Rishi Sunak won, the snap poll of 1,864 respondents found.

Rishi Sunak was dealt several humiliating blows over the Tories record, whether it was on NHS waiting lists, throwing blame at striking NHS workers, the country’s national debt or a ‘catalogue of broken promises’

It is the second time the leaders have been grilled ahead of the general election. Polling conducted just after the last leaders debate did not identify a clear winner on who came out on top, as an initial snap vote showed the public narrowly thought Sunak won by 2%, however a second poll put Starmer on top by a margin of 44% to Sunak’s 39%.

The area of Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes, where the debate is taking place, is significant as a key battleground for the Conservatives during the election.

The results of the polling show a clear winner and will be a huge blow to Rishi Sunak.

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