Left Foot Forward is one of the UK’s leading progressive news and comment websites. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve published thousands of pieces of analysis, exclusive stories, and op eds from activists, public figures and civil society, and risen to become a top 10 online outlet.

We’re here to shine a light on the right, to be a space for open debate among progressives, and to act as an evidence-based balance to the right-wing press.  

This summer, we are delighted to offer a new package of promotion opportunities aimed at trade unions, campaign groups, NGOs and progressive organisations. If you’re pushing for positive change in the UK, this is for you. Our promotional packages enable you to reach an engaged audience of thousands of progressives at an affordable rate.

We are currently offering two new promotional opportunities – exclusive banner ad access, and our events media package.

Reach thousands of progressives with a banner advert on our site

Left Foot Forward’s website reaches thousands of readers every day. Our exclusive package allows you to have a banner advert displayed across our site – including on our home page and on all articles.

This package is ideal for campaign groups looking to promote an action, demonstration or petition, or for unions and membership organisations looking to recruit new members. We’re able to offer below-market rates to organisations pushing for positive change.

In-depth events media package

Left Foot Forward’s event media package offers extensive promotion and coverage of events hosted by trade unions, campaign groups and progressive organisations. At competitive rates, we can provide:

  • A banner advert displayed across our website including on our home page and on all articles for up to a fortnight in advance of the event, reaching thousands of progressives across the UK. 
  • Promotional posts on our social media, reaching a combined audience of over 80,000 progressives.
  • Promotion in advance of the event in two of our daily emails to our mailing list of 9,000 UK politicos.
  • Live tweeting on Left Foot Forward’s twitter account throughout the event
  • A sponsored article on our website from your organisation promoting the event in advance.
  • A post-event write up of the event hosted on our website and promoted on our social media channels and our mailing list.

Other packages

If you’re looking for something slightly different, we can discuss other packages and options. 

Please contact Chris Jarvis – chris[at]leftfootforward.org for all enquiries regarding promotional packages.