Vaizey’s net neutrality knock-out

Something has to be done about the country’s digital infrastructure. It is the good that the government recognises this, but like the Labour administration before it, the Lib/Con coalition repeatedly fails to grasp what needs to be done and how to do it.

Cameron’s ‘tech city’ vision is laudable, but more needs to be done

David Cameron’s speech to East London entrepreneurs about the government’s long-term commitment to transform London’s East End into “a world-leading technology city to rival Silicon Valley” is laudable in its intent. The prime minister said a number of companies including Vodafone, Google, Facebook, Intel and McKinsey & Co were interested in investing in the region over the longer term.

Hunt for super-fast broadband

The culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is aiming to end the UK’s digital divide; yesterday, he outlined his forthcoming plans to consult the telecoms industry on how to provide high-speed broadband access to all the UK.

MyMP iPhone edition

Mobile devices and the political system have had a surprisingly long history, from waist-band mounted pagers being an essential accessory of MPs during the Blair years to mobile phone voting being trialled successfully in Sheffield in 2002 for local elections.

Brown’s broadband bravado

Gordon Brown put internet connectivity at the centre of his manifesto today in a speech which aimed for “Britain to be the world leader in the digital economy”.

Lies, damn lies and BASCAP

In what is no doubt a tightly coordinated effort to gain momentum from the Digital Economy Bill, a report has been written by BASCAP into piracy.