Devastating survey for Tories finds surging Labour lead among GB News viewers

'Losing the viewers of a TV channel that was pretty much set up for their benefit is a very impressive achievement'

GB News show

More devastating general election predictions for Rishi Sunak this week as a new survey revealed support for the Tories is dropping among GB News viewers, while support for Labour surges. 

The latest damning results from a survey of over 500 people who watch GB News has found that support for Labour rose by 7% since April, while support for the Tories and Reform UK has dropped. 

According to the recent results in the JL Partners survey, Labour lead the Tories by a whopping 21 points, compared to the previous findings that put their lead on 11 points. 

It’s another example of just how low the Tories have sunk in the views of the general public, as despite hosting a number of Tory MP presenters on the right-wing news channel and platforming Conservative politicians, it doesn’t appear to be having an effect on the GB News audience. 

Labour hold 46% of the vote, compared to the Tory Party with 25% of the vote among the demographic, down 3%. While Reform UK is down 2% with 18% of the vote among viewers. There was no change in the Lib Dems 6% of votes. 

Only one in four GB News viewers voted Labour in 2019, showing a significant shift in voting intentions. The latest findings also show that Nigel Farage and Keir Starmer are the only positively viewed politicians by GB News viewers. 

Politics Home editor Alan White wrote on X: “Losing the viewers of a TV channel that was pretty much set up for their benefit is a very impressive achievement”.

The channel has paid more than £660,000 to Tory MPs since its launch in appearance fees and salaries. The biggest single beneficiary was former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg. 

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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