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Don’t put it past Gove –the founder of Carphone Warehouse really could be the next chair of Ofsted


The Tory donor has his own academy chain and a financial interest in selling technology to schools: what could possibly go wrong?

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Cameron’s choice of ally in Europe makes it harder to achieve reform

True Finns1j

Serious reform can only be delivered by building alliances with mainstream leaders in Europe.

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Europe votes: reform moves up the agenda but withdrawal remains an isolationist dream

EU flag-1j

All parties are failing to articulate a clear vision for Britain’s relationship with the EU.

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Land-banking property owner gives Tories £300,000


A property developer that sits on land instead of building on it has given £300,000 to the Tories.

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Tories take £1.5 million from controversial hedge fund guru


A top hedge fund guru whose tax affairs have been scrutinised in the past has given £1.5 million to the Conservative Party, new figures from the Electoral Commission can reveal.

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The Thatcherite legacy is a paradoxical Conservative Party

There has been a conflict in Conservative Party economic policy for the last thirty years – between conservative values of frugality and the rise of personal debt.

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Opinion: the Conservatives will live to regret the EU referendum

Europe has long been a problem for the Conservative Party and whichever way the EU referendum goes has pitfalls for the Prime Minister.

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Tories take hundreds of thousands from hedge fund managers while giving them a tax cut

The Conservative Party received over a million pounds in just three months from donors who had private dinners with David Cameron and other senior ministers. This includes £694,370 from donors in the financial sector, including hedge fund managers.

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Five crazy ideas from the Tories’ new policy chiefs

Last week it was announced that the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) was to lead the Conservative Party’s policy development. The aim, according to the CPS press release, is to “feed through new ideas for both immediate implementation and the next Conservative manifesto in 2015″.

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How the Equality and Human Rights Commission forced the government’s hand on stop and search

The Conservative party has long expressed strong support for an increase in the use of stop and search powers by the police, irrespective of the impact on community cohesion, and inequalities.

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