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The Conservatives’ plan to scrap the Human Rights Act will be applauded by dictators around the world

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Chris Grayling’s proposals are a calculated move to win over UKIP’s growing constituency of angry little men.

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The Tory human rights plan: not as significant at it sounds

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If the acid test is whether the plan would prevent another Abu Qatada or prison votes row – then it fails.

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Tories refuse to rule out VAT increase

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As well as hitting the poorest through a freeze on working-age benefits, the Tories may also be planning to hit them again with a hike in VAT.

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Boris fever highlights the undemocratic nature of ‘safe seats’

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As the case of Boris Johnson demonstrates, safe seats are treated like aristocratic estates.

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Baroness Warsi is a product of her own failed analysis

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I value any principled stand, but I worry when the principles don’t stand up to scrutiny.

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Don’t put it past Gove –the founder of Carphone Warehouse really could be the next chair of Ofsted


The Tory donor has his own academy chain and a financial interest in selling technology to schools: what could possibly go wrong?

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Cameron’s choice of ally in Europe makes it harder to achieve reform

True Finns1j

Serious reform can only be delivered by building alliances with mainstream leaders in Europe.

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Europe votes: reform moves up the agenda but withdrawal remains an isolationist dream

EU flag-1j

All parties are failing to articulate a clear vision for Britain’s relationship with the EU.

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Land-banking property owner gives Tories £300,000


A property developer that sits on land instead of building on it has given £300,000 to the Tories.

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Tories take £1.5 million from controversial hedge fund guru


A top hedge fund guru whose tax affairs have been scrutinised in the past has given £1.5 million to the Conservative Party, new figures from the Electoral Commission can reveal.

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