Tory Party members deliver scathing verdict on Rishi Sunak’s cabinet, with record negative rating

Rishi Sunak at PMQs asked about Frank Hester

Tory Party members have delivered a scathing verdict on Rishi Sunak and his cabinet, with a record number of ministers given a negative approval rating, according to the Conservative Home website.

It’s a further sign of just how unpopular Sunak and his government are, ahead of the May 2nd local elections, as pressure continues to mount on the Prime Minister.

The latest survey of Tory members conducted in March, shows that 12 ministers have negative ratings, that is up from 11 the month before.

At the bottom of the table is Michael Tomlinson, illegal immigration minister, with a negative rating of 43.1, with Rishi Sunak next at -27.7.

The Prime Minister is then followed by chancellor Jeremy Hunt on minus 22.7, with Michael Gove on -14.3 and Oliver Dowden on -12.0. Lord Cameron is on -7.8.

Cabinet league table

The Conservative Home website states: “That result is also a good indicator of how much air has gone out of the Government over the past half a year – and that from a low base.”

The most popular cabinet member, with a net satisfaction rating of plus 56.2, is business secretary Kemi Badenoch.

That even Tory party members have such negative views of the cabinet, tells you all you need to know about how unpopular the government is.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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