Which councils are Labour hoping to gain in May?

The Labour Party continues to command a strong lead over the Tories in the polls.

Keir Starmer

With the May local elections less than a month away, and with the Labour Party continuing to command a strong lead over the Tories in the polls, the Conservative Party is expected to suffer heavy losses.

May 2nd will be a crucial date when it comes to determining Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s future, with Tory rebels likely to be emboldened in their bid to replace Sunak ahead of the general election should the party perform badly. Expect more letters of no-confidence to be submitted.

With one poll predicting that the Conservative Party could be set to lose 500 council seats in the upcoming local elections, we take a look at some of the councils Labour is hoping to gain.

East: Basildon, Harlow, Thurrock

Essex is a major battleground in the upcoming local elections. The Labour Party is hoping to make gains in Basildon, which is Tory controlled and where all seats are up for grabs. The Tories currently control 26 of the 42 seats, while Labour are on 10.

The Labour Party will also be looking to make inroads in Harlow and Thurrock. In the latter, the Tories control the council with a small majority.

West Midlands: Dudley, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Redditch, Worcester and Tamworth

The Labour Party is also hoping to win control of Dudley, as well as Redditch, Nuneaton and Bedworth. Nuneaton is considered a bell-weather constituency, with the Tories sweeping to control of the Town Hall back in 2021, taking power for only the second time in the history of the borough council, which was formed in 1974. Then, in 2022, the Tories increased their majority. The Labour Party are hoping to win back power.

In Worcester City Council, the Labour Party will be hoping to win seats after the council fell into no overall control. In May 2023, Labour was on 13 seats, the Greens on 10 seats, with the Tories on eight seats.

Tamworth Borough Council has also been under no-overall control since the 2023 local elections, with Labour on 9 councillors while the Tories are on 14.

South East: Hastings, Milton Keynes and Rushmoor

In the South East, the Labour Party is hoping to make inroads in Hastings, Milton Keynes and Rushmoor. In Hastings, the council has been under no overall control since the 2022, with 8 independent and 4 Green councillors.

In Milton Keynes, the Labour Party needs to win two seats to take control of the council, while in Rushmoor it is hoping to build on its gains made last year.


The Labour Party will be hoping to regain control of Oxford council, after losing control following a number of Labour councillors defecting to independent over Gaza.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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