Benefits Street, Gaza and Michael Gove’s fear of science: our top ten articles of 2014

And the most read articles on Left Foot Forward for 2014 were...

And the most read articles on Left Foot Forward for 2014 were…

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the big (and not so big) stories that put a proverbial bee in your bonnet this year.

Some of them are recent, such as the prison book ‘ban’, while others feel like they happened a lifetime ago.

Here, then, were the most popular articles on Left Foot Forward in 2014:

1. James Bloodworth on 15 reasons women shouldn’t vote for UKIP

2. James Bloodworth on why the Finnish school system is so good

3. James Bloodworth on what a real ‘Benefits Street’ would look like

4. An anonymous paramedic on how to make our ambulance service the best in the world

5. James Bloodworth on Michael Gove’s fear of science

6. Charlie Cadywould on the dark side of UKIP

7. Outraged about Gaza? Fine. Now worry about Syria, argued Dave Rich

8. John Leach on why tube workers went on strike

9. The Green Party surges in LFF Euro election poll

10. Tim Finch on the spitefulness of the prison book ban

See you in the new year.

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