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Review: Nate Silver’s “The Signal And The Noise”: The lessons it holds

Stephen Henderson reviews Nate SIlver’s book “The Signal And The Noise”, looking at the lessons it holds.

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Rangers: How journalists and administrators failed the fans

Stephen Henderson delves deeper into the Glasgow Rangers administration, tax avoidance scandal, bringing Left Foot Forward readers up to date on where we’re at.

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What will happen to Rangers?

Stephen Henderson looks at where next for Glasgow Rangers FC.

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Rangers FC: How a market leader went bust

Stephen Henderson looks at the whole saga of Rangers FC and asks what got them into the financial mess they’re in.

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Ignore the Tory spin – pension liabilities and the NHS are affordable

Statistics out today show the NHS and public sector pensions are entirely affordable, contrary to what George Osborne and the Conservatives are spinning.

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The crazy economics of reducing foreign student visas

A major cut in non-EU student visas is going to hurt universities but it’s going to hurt the UK economy even more, writes Stephen Henderson, a researcher at the UCL Cancer Institute.

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Decentralisation of NHS cancer services already well underway

There has been apprehension at plans for a revolutionary decentralisation of NHS management, yet for NHS cancer services a similar experiment is well underway.

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The coalition’s cancer muddle

Previously when a cancer drug was put to NICE for appraisal there was a strong incentive for the drug company to offer a decent NHS-wide price that might be accepted as value for money. Indeed NHS drug prices are generally very competitive.

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Localism or a postcode lottery?

The ‘bonfire of quangos’ may or may not lead to centralisation or deregulation depending on circumstance.

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Britain second only to US in terms of academic research

With forthcoming cuts to research and possible restrictions on the entry of foreign students today’s world university Rankings are very timely.

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