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Age appears a bigger factor in immigration debate than class

Border controlsj

Before we talk about social grade or class and the immigration debate, we must talk about age.

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Does democracy hinder progressive governance?

Is Barack Obama as bad as, or even worse than George W. Bush?
This question has been asked by many liberals since the Prism revelations. One way to answer this question is to look at a range of policies (torture, detention without trial, regime change, extra-judicial killings), figure out which is the ‘Left’ position and the ‘Right’ position, and then plot where Bush and Obama belong on the spectrum.

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Cold War era tensions re-emerge as US accuse Russia of arming Syrian government

The conflagration in Syria is in danger of sucking in the great powers.

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The two graphs that show why the Tories are not trusted on the NHS

“The proportion of people saying they were satisfied with the way the NHS is run has fallen from 70 per cent in 2010 to 58 per cent last year – the biggest drop recorded since the survey began almost 30 years ago.

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Pickles’ Plan to deal with “120,000 trouble families” in a tailspin

Eric Pickles’ proposals to deal with ‘troubled families’ is a rehash of a New Labour policy, but served on bed of dubious spin kicking the poor and public sector workers.

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How Osborne sent the march of the makers into reverse

Manufacturing’s strong rallying out of the 2008 recession, was killed stone dead at the turn of 2011, as effects of the government’s economic policies kicked in.

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Why the Taxpayers’ Alliance’s tax plans are dead in the water on day one

The Taxpayers’ Alliance’s tax plans involve cutting state spending to 33% – which is ludicrous.

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Osborne allows tax avoiders to get away with murder – while you pick up the tab

Multinationals are using overseas subsidiaries to avoid paying tax – George Osborne is relaxing the rules to make the shifty manouevre easier to perform.

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If psephology is destiny, Cameron will be forced further to the right

David Cameron may have to spend the next three years courting voters to his right, increasingly distant from mainstream Britain.

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Taking on the energy giants: The co-operative insurgency gains ground

The roots of the co-operative movement lie in providing an alternative to unscrupulous providers; it was made for the fight against the energy oligopoly.

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