Devastating poll reveals what public think of Rishi Sunak’s election campaign so far

Britons don't think it's been going so well for the Tories..

Rishi Sunak election campaign

A new poll has revealed what the public think about Rishi Sunak’s election campaign so far, and the results don’t reflect well on the Tory Party. 

With just over three weeks to go until the general election, the campaign trail has already seen a number of glaring blunders for the Conservatives, not least including; Rishi Sunak visiting Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, posing below an exit sign and Tory councillors planted in a campaign visit audience.

A YouGov poll asked the public, regardless of who they support, who they think is running the worst general election campaign so far. The Tory Party came out far ahead, with 45% thinking Rishi Sunak’s campaign has been the worst, compared to only 9% saying Labour.

In even more of a blow, the figure had risen for the Tory Party by 11% since six days before, reflecting a series of poor choices from the Prime Minister, most notably the fallout from leaving the D-Day commemoration early for an interview.

In contrast 1% less thought Labour was running the worst campaign compared to the previous polling, and only 3% thought the Lib Dems were running the worst campaign, which had also dropped by 2%.

When Britons were asked by YouGov who they think is running the best 2024 general election campaign so far, Labour came out top with 24% of the vote, followed by Reform with 12%, then Lib Dems with 7% and only 6% saying the Tories. The Greens had 3% of votes and SNP 1%, however 20% didn’t know and the highest vote of 26% was for the answer, none of them.

(Image credit: Guardian News/ Screenshot YouTube)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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