Rishi Sunak predicted to lose his seat at the next general election, poll predicts

The Tories would be left on just 90 seats...

Tory leader Rishi Sunak would lose his seat if a general election were held now, a new poll has predicted, as support for the Tories plummets.

The poll, carried out by Find Out Now and Electoral Calculus for Channel 4 news, asked 11,000 people who they would vote for if they had to go to the ballot box immediately.

The poll put Labour on 46%, while the Tories were on 24%. Should such polling be replicated in a snap election, that would mean Keir Starmer’s party would take 461 seats, up from 258 on the 2019 election.

Meanwhile, the Tories would be left on 90 seats, with Sunak and 17 members of his cabinet losing their seats. That includes Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, as well as Energy Secretary Grant Shapps and Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt.

The SNP would be on 38 seats, with the Liberal Democrats on 37 seats.

The poll was carried out between July 31 and August 4, after the results of July’s three by-elections were known.

Commenting on the poll findings, Chris Holbrook, CEO of Find Out Now, said: “Our poll of 11,142 GB adults demonstrates the scale of the swing from Conservative to Labour, showing the likelihood of a Labour landslide. This swing should not overshadow the apparent re-establishment of the Liberal Democrats as a credible third party after nearly a decade in the political wilderness.”

Martin Baxter, CEO of Electoral Calculus, said: “With every month that goes by, Labour are edging towards a grudging landslide victory at the next general election. Without overmuch enthusiasm, the public look likely to reject the Conservatives and are mostly embracing Labour.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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