Our 10 top articles against austerity, poverty and inequality in 2019

Left Foot Forward's 10 most-read articles this year reflect citizens' concerns about our divided politics and society.

A homeless person sheltering under a concrete wall

It has been a rough year for many on the progressive left — so it’s no surprise that the most read stories on Left Foot Forward this year represent a litany of injustice and inequality, as well as avoidance of responsibility by those in power.

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10. Lib Dem leadership candidates: Austerity was right and Labour would have done it too – Joe Lo
The 10th most-read article on Left Foot Forward this year revealed that already, by June, Lib Dem leadership candidates had refused to reject austerity. A prescient piece, given Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson also refused to work with a Corbyn-led Labour Party.

9. People are missing the point over Corbyn’s refusal to meet the PM – Josiah Mortimer
Theresa May was still Prime Minister in January of this year. Even then, she didn’t miss an opportunity to denigrate the opposition for refusing to meet her. Yet what would such a side-show have really achieved?

8. Open letter: When the UN calls out poverty in the UK, the government must listen – 50 social justice groups and activists
This powerful open letter spoke truth to power on the 14 million in poverty in the UK, in support of the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston, whose report had been slammed by the Tories.

7. Government sneaks out benefit cut announcement on day before Brexit vote – Joe Lo
While the media were distracted by the Brexit vote, the government announced a cut to older couples’ benefit entitlements from May 2019.

6. Exclusive: The Greens tried to form a progressive alliance with Labour. Here’s why it didn’t work out – Jenny Jones
In which Green peer Jenny Jones explains how the Greens tried to form progressive alliance with Labour to fight the election – to no avail. And that’s despite cooperation from the Green side, she suggests.

5. Greens reject alliance with Centrist Remain parties – Joe Lo
April 2019 saw some Greens squabbling with Centrist Remain groups on social media, with some arguing that relying on old-school politics and strategies would do little than court disaster.

4. The ‘Revoke Article 50’ petition just made history – again – Josiah Mortimer
Did the British people really all ‘just want to get Brexit done’? We don’t think so – and our fourth most-read story this year, from July, serves as a strong reminder.

3. Disability groups are deeply concerned about a dangerous mental capacity bill rushed through parliament – Ellen Morrison
Sneaking through legislation that’s likely to prove unpopular, especially if it affects human rights, is a staple of some political arsenals. Fortunately, though, people do often notice and have something to say about it.

2. Is Boris Johnson a ‘known liar’? Here are six times he’s known to have lied – Joe Lo
Sharp-eyed readers will note that the number of times Boris Johnson is understood to have misrepresented the truth actually rose (from five to six) within the short life-time of this news article, which came out in the lead-up to the General Election.

1. #StopTheCoup: Full list of protests as hundreds of thousands expected to march – Josiah Mortimer
Our most-read story of 2019 highlighted the outrage of many citizens at the attempted prorogation of Parliament. The Tories appeared to have gone all out in this attempt to avoid scrutiny of their Brexit plans – with the assumption that the move was illegal proven correct.

Josiah Mortimer is editor of Left Foot Forward; Fleur Doidge is a freelance journalist.

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  1. nhsgp

    220 bn a year going on the socialist debts. The cause of austerity.
    Not that the left will ever accept responsibility for their mess.

  2. Michael McManus

    nhsgp – you mean those socialists in the banking and vegas finance sector who wrecked the banks, were bailed out to the tune of 100s of billions by ordinary folks with real jobs, walked off with millions and are as fat, stupid and rich as ever – and fine examples, along with MPs of what our private schools can produce when they really try.
    Those socialists? The ones who should be in jail, but unaccountably are unmolested by our Putinesque courts?

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