#StopTheCoup: Full list of protests as hundreds of thousands expected to march

This movement is about to step up a gear.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to protest across Britain this Saturday, following Boris Johnson’s move to shut down Parliament for over a month.  

It comes as MPs pledge to occupy parliament as constitutional crisis intensifies.

‘#StopTheCoup’ Organisers say that mass civil disobedience and disruption on the cards, with over a hundred trade unionists calling for strike action.  

Protests this Saturday are expected from Aberdeen to Plymouth, with at least 26 organised across the country so far. In London, crowds will gather from 12 noon in front of Downing Street. 

The protests follow demonstrations called on Wednesday evening in response to the suspension of parliament, with many thousands turning out at just four hours’ notice.

Crowds blocked bridges and streets, and heard from speakers including Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Paul Mason and more. Saturday’s protests are expected to be much bigger. Over 1.5m people have already signed a petition opposing prorogation.

Labour frontbencher Clive Lewis MP has said that he will have to be “dragged out of the chamber” if Boris Johnson wants to shut down parliament to push through his Brexit plans. 

Meanwhile, more than a hundred trade unionists have signed a statement calling for strike action to defeat Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans, stating:

“We believe our unions, the Labour Party, and the whole working-class movement must urgently mobilise direct action, including protests, strikes, and occupations, in opposition to this development.”

Thousands have also signed a pledge which states: “If the government tries to drive No Deal through by stopping parliament from sitting, we cannot just rely on the courts and parliamentary process. We need a massive movement of resistance, with marches, civil disobedience and protests in every corner of the country.”

Clive Lewis MP said: 

“These moves are utterly outrageous. If Boris Johnson thinks he can suspend parliament and force through No Deal he has another thing coming. We will build a mass movement to save democracy, and everyone who wants to stop this travesty must get ready to mobilise, demonstrate and resist. MPs, too, will have to play their part. They’ll have to drag me out of the chamber.”

Michael Chessum, national organiser for Another Europe is Possible, said: 

“We are witnessing the birth of a huge movement to fight for democracy and oppose Boris’s Brexit agenda. It’s uniting the anti-Brexit movement, the left, the labour movement, the climate strikers and many people just outraged at Johnson’s attempts to shut down parliament. The crowds are angry, energetic and hopeful, and are taking matters into their own hands. We aren’t here to ask Boris nicely, we’re here to force him to back down. That means civil disobedience and being willing to disrupt things.”

Three legal cases are currently proceeding through the courts intended to stop prorogation. But #StopTheCoup organisers say litigation cannot be relied on.

Nadia Whittome, a Nottingham Labour activist and spokesperson for Another Europe is Possible said: 

“We are now seeing the true meaning of Brexit – it is a project aimed at nothing less than the destruction of what little democracy we have.

“If they are prepared to shut down our democracy to deliver Brexit, their intentions for after they succeed will be even worse…Everything is at stake, and we can’t just rely on judges or MPs.”

Full list of protests:

  • Aberdeen, 12 noon at the Castlegate. Event here.
  • Birmingham, 1 pm on Victoria Square by the Council House. Event here.
  • Bournemouth, 11 am, Bournemouth Square. Event here.
  • Brighton, 12 noon, The Level BN1 4ZN. Event here.
  • Bristol, 12 noon, College Green. Event here.
  • Cambridge, 12 noon, outside The Guildhall, Market Square. Event here.
  • Chester: FRIDAY at Chester Town Hall, 7:30pm
  • Doncaster: 12 noon, Mansion House
  • Dundee, 2 pm, City Square. Event here.
  • Exeter, 11 am, Bedford Square. Event here.
  • Glasgow, 2 pm, George Square. Event here.
  • Leeds, 11 am, Town Hall. Event here.
  • Liverpool, 12 noon, St George’s Hall. Event here.
  • London, 12 noon, Downing Street. Event here.
  • Leamington Spa, 12 noon in the Pump Room Gardens. Event here.
  • Manchester, 12 noon, Cathedral Gardens. Event here.
  • Newcastle, 12 noon, Grey’s Monument. Event here.
  • Norwich, 2 pm outside City Hall. Event here.
  • Nottingham,  11 am, Brian Clough Statue close to Old Market Square. Event here.
  • Oxford, 11 am, Broad Street outside Balliol College. Event here.
  • Plymouth, 11am, Armada Dial. Event here.
  • Romsey, 10am, Palmerston Statue. Facebook event here.
  • Southampton, 12 noon, Guildhall Square. Event here.
  • Sheffield, 11 am, Town Hall. Event here.
  • Swansea, 12 noon, Big Screen at Castle Square. Event here.
  • Swindon, 11 am, 29 Wood St. Event here.
  • Tavistock, Friday (!) 12:30, Lockyer House, Paddons Row PL19 0HF. Event here.
  • York, 11 am, St Helen’s Square. Event here.

Remain group Tech for UK say there are around 60 protests planned in total in the coming days:

See you in the streets…

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16 Responses to “#StopTheCoup: Full list of protests as hundreds of thousands expected to march”

  1. Julia Gibb

    The clock is ticking. Protests and Petitions will be ignored.

    Only one practical solution exists. A vote of no confidence and a caretaker PM to stop a hard Brexit and trigger a GE.
    Unfortunately this single option will fail because Jeremy Corbyn will not step aside to enable the unity of opposition parties.
    He and his advisors will put the positioning of the Labour Party first.

    We will have a hard Brexit now and the blame will lie as much with Corbyn as with Johnson.

    The old saying remains true “It is amazing what can be achieved if you don’t mind who gets the credit.”

  2. Tom Sacold

    Pro-EU, New Labour Blairites on the march.

    The EU is a neo-liberal capitalist project. We can only secure an effective socialist future outside the EU.

  3. Bill

    Tom Sacold. different issues, don’t mix them. Capitalism is’nt going away (at least not until it . exhausts itself and eventually see’s the environmental damage it’s doing) don’t hold your breath. Johnson and his crew are arch money grabbing capitalists , keen to avoid regulation of their ‘dodgy’ economic activity. That is their sole objective.

  4. Dodgy Geezer

    This is a time for new thinking. We need a young vibrant party to make Britain a great place to live again. We don’t need the tired old bankers and right-wing establishment – we need to attract people who haven’t voted before – from all walks of life, sharing in a government of national regeneration.

    We need a national government which really represents the people, with a strong leader at the helm.

    But we must be careful of the extreme right-wing counter revolution. We already no-platform those who disagree with us – but where these people have a dangerous following, like Tommy Robinson, they should be arrested and kept from pedalling their dangerous dogmas. In fact, we need a complete clear-out of all biased racist right-wingers from all positions of power, and this should be the first task of a National Government.

    (Paraphrase of how the National Socialist Worker’s Party first gained power, from the Anne Frank web site)

  5. Tom Sacold

    The EU is a capitalist construct, created to oppose socialism and promote the profits of EU based multinational corporations by allowing the free flow of low-wage workers into western europe.

  6. Bill Bloggs

    The dogma uttered by the hard left is as damaging as that promulgated by the Tory hard right. The kind of socialism they talk about was discredited decades ago, and never produced true equality in any country where it was tried. We need to forget all that and focus on the assault on democracy itself which the current government is attempting. The real danger has nothing to do with outdated views about capitalism, but is about the danger of strongmen the world over taking control – this “coup” by Johnson and his cohorts is the first sign of that happening here – this is what we need to protest about.

  7. Helen Field

    It doesn’t matter whether you voted Leave or Remain, ALL our problems stem from the most vicious, hideous government which since 2010 has been destroying public services, the welfare state and allowed tens of millions to suffer hardship and poverty with all the misery that entails. The only solution is to have a General Election and vote in a socialist, Corbyn-led government. We need to fight that election on policies, not the divisive Leave vs Remain spat that the MSM sidetrack us with. Policies that will transform all our lives by rebuilding Britain. Policies that will build council houses, reverse all cuts and privatisation to public services and the NHS. Take transport, water and energy into public hands. Have a progressive system of taxation. Abolish the Monarchy!! And the unelected house of lords. Green New Deal to stop climate chaos. Corbyn’s Labour is our last and only chance. We must unite and get these ugsome tories OUT. There’s another demo in Southampton Tuesday 3rd September 4.30 to 6pm in front of the civic centre. Organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. STOP BORIS JOHNSON! TORIES OUT! We demand a GENERAL ELECTION NOW!

  8. Jeremy

    The democratic vote in the UK was to leave the eu. Why is it remain voters continue to spread lies and fake news about brexit? The remain/people vote is very anti democratic.

  9. steve

    The middle-class is revolting – in support of the status quo.

  10. Julia Gibb

    @Tom Sacold

    I seen that episode of Citizen Smith.

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  12. Julia Gibb


    What did the people vote for? Are you claiming it was “leave regardless of having no deal” / “leave even if it causes chaos and damage to the UK”

    They voted for the message Utopia of having the same deal without making any contributions. We would have hundreds of new deals around the World. All the money saved from being in the EU would be poured into the NHS.

  13. Glendon Franklin

    Some of these comments are very sad as well as deluded. The EU was founded initially by Germany and France as a way of deliberately entangling their economies and their peoples in order to make impossible the idea of another war. Other mainland countries saw the benefits and joined. This was not a capitalist plot but rather the reaction of great statesmen to the war and a determination to prevent another.
    I agree it seems to have lost its way somewhat and become over ambitious, some other countries have doubts about their membership as it stands too but surely rather than running away, or behaving in the pathetic manner of the Brexit Party MEPS we should be actively working to build alliances to bring about reform. The Civil servants (bureaucrats) who manage the day to day stuff in the EU are accountable to the politicians, and the politicians are accountable to us, the people. Don’t believe the right wing rubbish about the EU being the enemy. The people of those countries are our friends, if we let them be and have helped us massively over the years. I suppose I will now get attacked from both sides but that may be part of the problem. People are emoting, not reasoning.

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