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It’s time for football’s great reform act


Fifa may decide to reform itself. More likely, a grassroots movement will have to emerge that is strong enough to push through the changes that are needed.

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Anti-racism work is being undermined by football’s leaders

Anti racismj

The many achievements of the Kick It Out campaign risk being undermined by the game’s leaders.

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Football can no longer belong to a handful of people in a room in Switzerland

Sebb BLatterj

Power over the global game must be handed back to fans, and it’s far from impossible.

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Comment: Qatar 2022: There should be no World Cup without workers’ rights

Following the Emir of Qatar’s visit to Britain last week, Ruwan Subasinghe shines a light on the 2022 World Cup host’s appalling record on workers’ rights.

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Blatter: Contrite, but also still head of FIFA

Alex Hern covers Sepp Blatter’s apology on BBC News for his racism comments, as well as the astonishing fact he was repeating them even yesterday evening.

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He sees no corruption, hears no racism and speaks no sense: It’s time to kick Blatter out

FIFA president Sepp Blatter caused outrage last night by saying footballers who had been racially abused should just “shake hands” with their abusers.

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FIFA: A laughing stock that isn’t funny anymore

A year after South Africa held such a fantastic (bar England’s performance) World Cup, they are still waiting for £50 million FIFA promised them.

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FIFA corruption scandal – football needs its Gorbachev moment

Seldom can any electorate have been offered a less attractive electoral choice than Sepp Blatter versus Mohammed Bin Hammam for the FIFA Presidency, writes Sunder Katwala.

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Qatari apathy demonstrates folly of FIFA

A decision to move the Qatar World Cup to the winter might yet even finally provide the spark for an effective challenge to the unaccountability and misgovernance of FIFA.

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Daily Mail blames “ethnically diverse figures” for World Cup bid failure

The inclusion of too many foreigners in the FIFA World Cup 2018 bid video is what cost us the bid, says the Daily Mail in another example of its racist views.

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