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What the #opcotton decision means for the Con Dem’s cuts


If we can’t value our justice system what can we value? asks Sara Ibrahim.

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Beveridge, the Royal baby and Osborne’s sickening ‘scrounger’ rhetoric

George Osborne’s proposals to make real term cuts to welfare and the impending arrival of a new Royal baby – two things that are inextricably linked.

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Comment: Rebellions, loyalty and Governor Christie

With different faces of rebellion being seen on either side of the Atlantic, Young Fabians chair Sara Ibrahim looks at the various aspects of political loyalty.

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The Government’s Youth Contract is not up to the job

TweetThis morning the Work and Pensions committee publish their report on the Government’s Youth Contract, their initiative to tackle record high youth unemployment. So confident were the coalition that they thought this was the right approach, that the Labour initiative, the Future Jobs Fund, was scrapped. Further to my earlier blog, the FJF had been […]

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Serious Obama shows stomach for the fight and a strategy to match

Sara Ibrahim, chair of the Young Fabians, reports from Charlotte, North Carolina on President Barack Obama’s speech.

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Clinton rides to the rescue, lighting up convention season and firing up the Dems

In the latest in our series of reports from the Democratic National Convention 2012, Sara Ibrahim reports from Charlotte on Bill Clinton’s barnstorming speech.

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We can’t ignore the Coalition’s plans to change employment law

After the excitement of the Beecroft report, little interest has been shown in the employment law changes that the Tory-led government wants to pursue.

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How can we have fairer capitalism?

Sara Ibrahim presents a preview of the Young Fabians breakout session at the Fabian Society New Year Conference tomorrow.

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Reducing job security won’t decrease unemployment

Sara Ibrahim shows how reducing job security by weakening the tribunals system won’t decrease unemployment.

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Palestine UN bid: Without courage, the cause of moderates will be lost

Israel, the Palestinians and other voting states in the UN Security Council must show courage. Without this the cause of moderates on both sides will be lost.

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