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The video of James Foley is an escalation: what should the UK response be?

With last year’s vote on Syria in mind there will be a lot of attention given to what the Labour response will be – while we need caution and reflection, the response from the Labour party must reflect the severity of the situation now.

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What Philip Hammond ought to tell the Ecuadorian foreign minister about Assange

The Ecuadorian foreign minister wants to talk to Philip Hammond about Julian Assange – this is what our foreign minister should tell him.

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MPs demand bank explanation over fake letters


The infamous Wonga letters have highlighted similar practices by larger companies.

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The FCA cap on payday loans: acting where the market has failed


The proposed cap means that if someone pays back a £100 loan within 30 days they would pay a maximum of £24 in charges.

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Complaints against payday lenders double in a year

Payday lendersj

But it could be just the tip of the iceberg, says Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Wonga has been caught out. But why didn’t the regulator act earlier?


If the regulator had been firmer before then some borrowers might not have been treated unfairly.

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Training for young people is a good move, but Labour should be asking more of employers

Ed Miliband ncrj

Without reference to how Labour intends to bring about good growth there is little point talking about training.

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The criticism of criminalising forced marriage overstates the case

Forced marriagej

Changes to the law show the UK is serious about calling time on forced marriage.

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The number of people in debt to payday lenders continues to grow

Money pile-JPEG

Householders are still relying on the most expensive types of loan, new figures suggest.

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The Church Credit Union Network shows the way against predatory lending

Hector Santsj

Former chief City regulator Hector Sants has introduced a national network of churches, communities and credit unions as an alternative to payday lenders.

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