Ed M not the natural choice of shadow cabinet candidates

Analysis of the shadow cabinet candidates’ Labour leader preferences reveals that Ed Miliband cannot rely on automatic support for his leadership. Of the 49 MPs standing for the shadow cabinet, 14 did not put down any preference for the Labour leader.

New poll shows Lib Dem voters fear Coalition, but Tories are content

An Ipsos-MORI poll published yesterday shows the Lib Dems floundering in coalition, while the Conservatives thrive. Tory voters are happy – 85% are hopeful of their government’s potential. But only 54% of Lib Dems are, with 43% describing themselves as fearful of the government. This may reflect the fact that 51% of all voters believe the government is not a ‘genuine coalition’; instead, they think the Conservatives are making most of the decisions.

Healey lambasts ‘New Homes Bonus’ scheme

In a speech today to the Labour Party conference, John Healey set out a detailed critique of the Coalition’s ‘New Homes Bonus’ scheme. He argued it will “blow out of the water” George Osbourne’s promise of a council tax freeze in many areas.

Red, Dead and Scarlet: right-wing press struggle to define Ed

The Red Ed myth refuses to die. In spite of Mr Miliband’s direct rebuttal of it during his speech yesterday, the right-wing press are not relenting in their attempts – reported by Left Foot Forward earlier this week – to portray Labour’s new leader as the puppet of the trade unions.

Miliband poll: The Times fails to see the Sun

In spite of sharing the same proprietor as the Sun, The Times has virtually ignored the YouGov results. They are buried at the very end of an 800 word article reporting a “leaked” Populus poll for the Conservatives which finds David is seen as the more prime-ministerial brother. And it seems that the significance of the Populus poll’s findings can be called to question.