Report says academies may “fuel social segregation”

The already controversial academy school scheme has today seen more criticism levelled at it; some academies have been accused of manipulating their admissions so as to choose the kind of students they want. As a result of a report releasedtest

David-Cameron-faces-more-criticism-over-EU -tance

Cameron warned over EU again, this time by the US

David Cameron’s stance on Europe has come repeatedly under fire recently. Yesterday, Left Foot Forward reported on both business leaders and Ireland having criticised Cameron’s wish to renegotiate terms with the EU. Business leaders criticised the tenacity of his beliefs,test


Business leaders warn Cameron over EU renegotiations

David Cameron has seen his stance over the EU come under fire yet again, this time by business leaders. A letter in the Financial Times, which includes such signatories as Sir Richard Branson (chairman of the Virgin Group) and Christest


EDL leader convicted for 10 months

The leader of the EDL , Stephen Lennon, has been sentenced to ten months in jail for using a friend’s passport to illegally enter the USA. Lennon was convicted in Southwark crown court for his actions; he was able totest


The mid-term report, and the report on that report

This afternoon saw a reaffirmation of coalition vows from the Conservatives and Lib Dems, along with a host of statements of values, all outlined in their ‘mid-term report’. Inevitably, Labour has retorted with a document of their own outlining thetest


Cameron told the big society is “effectively dead”

Today, Cameron’s flagship policy, the big society, has suffered a serious blow; a leading charity figure has described it as being “effectively dead”. Sir Stephen Bubb, head of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, damned the big societytest