#Moggxit: The most ruthless comments about Jacob Rees-Mogg losing his seat

“Karma is a beautiful thing….”

Arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg was one of more than half a dozen Tory bigwigs to lose their seat in the general election. The former Brexit minister took just 15,420 votes in North East Somerset, well behind Labour’s Dan Morris who won with 20,739 votes.

Jubilant voters were merciless in their taunting of the ousting of the former MP.

Standing next to Phin ‘Barmy Brunch’ Adams of the Monster Raving Loony Party who was wearing a baked bean balaclava, many mocked that the former Tory minister’s political career had come to a fitting end.

“Not only did Jacob Rees-Mogg suffer the humiliation of losing his seat, but he got to share the moment with this fella….” Mocked the Mirror, alongside an image of the former MP standing beside ‘Baked Bean Man.’

Writer and journalist Laura Elliot shared her thoughts on the result. “I went to bed at around 1am but waking up to discover that Jacob Rees-Mogg – everything that’s bad and wrong and cruel and sneering about Dickensian Britain in the 21st century – has lost his seat is genuinely the best Friday morning surprise I could have hoped for.”

“Karma is a beautiful thing….” was another comment.

The infamous image of Rees-Mogg asleep in the House of Commons resurfaced and quickly went viral.

“Jacob Rees-Mogg says he’s not going to take losing his seat laying down. Well, not in the Commons anyway,” someone posted. 

Another trending jibe was an image of a baked bean balaclava superimposed onto Rees-Mogg wearing his top hat. “Jacob Rees-Mogg trying to keep a low profile today while nipping to the local shop for a twirl,” wrote one amused observer.

Speculation also surfaced as to what the former MP would now do for a job. “Jacob Rees-Mogg can now return to his other job, as a night paralysis demon at an all-boys boarding school,” was one suggestion.

“Expect Jacob Rees-Mogg will now go into a full-time job as a Cluedo piece,” was another.

But it was perhaps the Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham who gave the most brutal response to the ousting of one of the most prominent Tory politicians in Britain. Watching the results live on Sky News, Burnham declared: “That’s Moggxit, he’s gone!”

“He’s been battered and he deserves to be because he just has no clue of what he’s inflicted on people.”

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead is a contributing editor to Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Twitter screen grab

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