Suella Braverman urges Tories to unite with Reform

The former Home Secretary said there was 'not much difference' between Nigel Farage’s policies and the Tories'

Suella Braverman speaking at a lectern

In a characteristically divisive move, Suella Braverman has urged the Tory Party to unite with Reform UK, saying there was “not much difference” between Nigel Farage’s policies and those of the Tories’. 

Not exactly a supportive statement for Rishi Sunak during an already blunder-filled election campaign, Braverman has chosen to distract from policy offerings and further divide Conservative opinion by declaring again that Nigel Farage should be embraced by the party. 

The former Home Secretary told The Times that it was time to “unite the right” and claimed there was “not much difference” between the Tories’ and Nigel Farage’s policies, during the interview. 

She went on to say that the Conservatives should be a “broad church” and a “welcoming party” and that the party should find a way to unite with Reform UK, because “we shouldn’t be divided on this side of the political spectrum”.

She told the Spectator last week that she would “welcome with open arms” the former UKIP and Brexit Party leader, a view shared by fellow Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg who recently said he’d like to see Farage as a Tory Minister

Conservative candidate and former Tory Minister Connor Burns appeared to slam Braverman’s comments on social media.

Burns wrote on X this morning: “Any candidates in this election speculating on the airwaves about what happens afterwards – from right or hard left of the party – please do every other candidate a favour. Keep your thoughts to yourselves. We are busy with the task in hand.”

Braverman is standing as the Tory candidate in Fareham and Waterlooville, while seemingly shoring up her hopes of running for party leadership.

(Image credit: Brandon Hattiloney / No 10 Downing Street)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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