Bombshell constituency poll shows Jeremy Corbyn on track to lose to Labour in Islington North

Labour currently has a 14 point lead over Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a rally

We are now less than two weeks from polling day in the general election, and it is increasingly clear what is likely to happen across the country. Labour is on track for a massive – possibly historic – majority in the House of Commons, with the Tories facing wipe out.

What is less clear is what may happen at a local level in individual constituencies. However, a new poll released last night (June 25), may give us some indication as to what’s happening in one of the most hotly contested seats – Islington North. That’s the seat where the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is seeking to get re-elected to parliament as an independent after being blocked from standing as a Labour candidate.

The poll showed that while there is substantial support in the constituency for Corbyn, he is currently on track to lose the seat to Labour.

According to the poll, which was commissioned by Stats for Lefties and conducted by Survation, Labour’s Praful Nargund has the support of 43% of voters in the constituency. Corbyn is in second place on 29%. That means that Corbyn has a 14 point gap to close between now and polling day.

As for the other parties, the poll found that the Liberal Democrats and Greens are both on 7% of the vote, with Reform UK and the Tories also tied on 6%.

While Labour are ahead in the seat when it comes to headline voter intention, responses to other questions that Survation asked should give Keir Starmer cause to be concerned.

While 55% of respondents said they had a ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ unfavourable opinion of Corbyn, just 39% said the same of Keir Starmer. 50% of voters in the seat also said it was ‘incorrect’ for Corbyn to be prevented from standing as the Labour candidate.

This is the first poll exclusively of voters in Islington North that has been published since Corbyn announced he was to stand as an independent.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Sophie J Brown – Creative Commons

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