General election results: Don’t lose hope. Create it

The media in Britain is broken. It's time to stand together for truthful, hard-hitting journalism.

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They had everything on their side. The Tory campaign was based on a known liar feeding spin and disinformation to a biased press. It looked like the strategy worked.

A broken political system saw peerages reportedly offered in exchange for a grubby back-room deal with the Brexit Party (as we covered in an LFF exclusive).

Meanwhile we saw journalists repeatedly echo false Tory spin – from protesters ‘punching’ ministers (untrue), to lies spread about the child having to sleep on coats in A&E.

At LFF, we punched above our weight this election: systematically debunking right-wing rhetoric and shining a light on dodgy campaigning.

We covered the best ways to ‘vote smart’ and spoke the truth about the NHS crisis, and much more. But here’s the truth: we can and must do so much more.

Will you join the movement for honest, hard-hitting journalism today?

We cannot change the right-wing press: they will always stand against progressive values.

Instead, we have to build radical, truthful media.

We will not let our elections be dominated by right-wing lies.

To build a better media, we have to do this together. Every penny you put into Left Foot Forward goes into our hard-hitting journalism.

Support honest, hard-hitting journalism TODAY

We know this country is better than this. The political system is broken. But we don’t have to just idly accept it.

Let’s change the debate, and shine a light in these dark times.

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Don’t lose hope: create it.

The Left Foot Forward team

3 Responses to “General election results: Don’t lose hope. Create it”

  1. Dave Roberts

    Delusions of grandeur or what. Not only do you not punch above your weight nobody takes you seriously. Who actually write this crap? Basically the electorate are fed up with the metropolitan elite, political correctness and the loony left all of which are well represented on this blog. Corbyn and the rest are finished as is the Momentum “revolution” and good riddance. Maybe now it will be possible to return the Labour Party to what it was, a left of centre social democratic organisation which is what it started off as and needs to become again.

  2. Joe

    “The people have spoken. The bastards.”

  3. Bill

    A simple solution is to think outside the box (biodegradable) and look at the SNP success to date – given the dominance of Labour in London – demand a referendum for Londoner’s to vote to leave the UK and become a separate state which seeks to bring about ‘socialism in one country’. Further details available on request, every little helps.

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