Still undecided? Read our ‘cheat sheet’ of must-read articles on the EU referendum

Workers' rights, security, democracy... all the best arguments for voting Remain


As Britain goes to the polls today, there will be many who are still making up their minds about how to vote in the EU referendum.

Left Foot Forward supports our continued membership of the European Union, where Britain is more progressive, and better able to fight for democracy and social justice.

For readers who are still unsure, or who just want to kill time before the results, here’s a ‘cheat sheet’ of our best articles on the issues at stake this referendum. Feel free to share them with your friends (and enemies):



What has the EU ever done for women’s rights? Quite a lot actually.

A new TUC report argues that Brexit could ‘turn the clock back decades’ on women’s rights

Why Nicola Sturgeon believes that the EU is vital to women’s rights

Brexit would undermine the working rights that Scottish women take for granted

Brexit would hit low-paid women hardest, says TUC

Leaving EU would slash rights of one million transferred workers



Brexit could mean two more years of austerity, IFS reports

The government’s aim of balancing the books by 2019/20 would be virtually impossible after a Leave vote

When George Soros says Brexit will send the pound through the floor, we should listen

Brexit will make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Take that elites!

IMF: Long-term effects of Brexit would be ‘negative and substantial’

Incomes, house prices, output, currency and investment could all be hit hard by a Leave vote



Syriza: Britain should stay in EU and fight for democracy and social justice

Greek MEP says EU is a platform for common struggles against neoliberalism

Brexiters’ Trumpish foreign policy is incoherent and dangerous

It’s not a great strategy to insult countries you hope to trade with

Michael Gove’s ‘Albania model’ for Brexit trashed by the Albanian prime minister

Edi Rama’s three reasons why Albania is not a model for Britain after Brexit

Watch Gordon Brown’s brilliant new video making the patriotic case for EU membership

‘Britain should be leading Europe, not leaving it’



EU health and safety laws have protected workers’ rights, says TUC

‘We would be foolhardy to risk losing this significant success for workers

Watch: Why we’re voting to Remain in the EU – by ordinary workers

GMB chief warns of ’72 hours to save workers’ rights’

Without the EU, a million extra people would be working excessive hours

The UK used to be the long hours capital of Europe and it could be again, TUC research shows

Trade union leaders urge six million members to vote Remain in EU referendum

EU has helped secure workers’ rights – but they could be lost after Brexit



Vote Leave and UKIP would keep 85 per cent of net migration as it is

Skilled workers and students count for a large proportion of net migration

Lower immigration or a stronger economy? The Leave camp can’t have both

Cutting immigration by 50 per cent would require a two per cent tax increase, new research suggests

European freedom of movement is a class issue

The wealthy have lived globally for generations, but they don’t want the rest of us to do the same



Brexit could destroy EU progress on tackling modern slavery

Britain would be weaker in the fight against people trafficking outside the EU

The EU ‘has played a crucial role in promoting LGBT rights’

Ian McKellen celebrated the EU’s record of preventing anti-LGBT discrimination



We can’t fight terror by raising the drawbridge, but by working with our EU neighbours

Brexiters are dangerously wrong about security. We’re better equipped to tackle terrorism voting to Remain.

Nigel Farage quotes head of Europol, gets contradicted by head of Europol

In a heated debate, Farage was repeatedly slammed for his comments on immigration and diversity



Brexit would weaken the campaign against toxic trade deals like TTIP

The UK government has been a leading proponent of TTIP. That wouldn’t change if we left Europe.

If the EU is ‘undemocratic’, it’s got nothing on Westminster

How much do Brexiters really care about democracy?

Brexiters’ faux-populism is a sham. They don’t want to ‘take power back from the elites’

Gove, Johnson and Duncan Smith are harder to sack than EU Commisioners



SNP: Lexiters are wrong – Scottish workers’ rights are safer in the EU

Brexit is not a blow to capitalism but empowerment of a Right-wing clique

Brexit risks London’s crown as world’s top tourist destination

Leaving the EU could cost billions in tourism revenue and thousands of jobs

Plaid Cymru: Wales outside EU will be at the mercy of Westminister elite

If we want an improved EU that is progressive and accountable we need to stay and fight

Northern Ireland’s SDLP raises border concerns if Britain leaves the EU

‘What about machine guns?’



European Commission has taken a major step forward on tax avoidance

Under the new proposal, companies will be forced them to reveal where they make profits and where they pay tax



Caroline Lucas: Leaving EU would be act of ‘environmental vandalism’

Anyone who cares about climate change should vote Remain, says Green Party MP

Pollution and climate change don’t stop at borders — our environment needs the EU

On wildlife, energy and climate change, the UK needs to work with its European neighbours



Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bus is peddling a lie – we don’t ‘send EU £350m a week’

Vote Leave’s central claim branded ‘misleading’ by UK Statistics Authority

Nigel Farage is no enemy of ‘the elites’ – as his record shows

Here’s a reminder why Farage is no friend of workers

UKIP’s new Brexit poster exposes the Leave campaign’s own ‘Project Fear’

Leavers are trying to scare people with immigration


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