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Too few people in Britain have a private pension

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Figures released today show that almost half the population aged below retirement age had no private pension savings in 2010-2012.

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The UK is becoming the self-employment capital of Europe

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Whether they are a growing underclass or a sign of the UK economy’s bright future, the growing army of self-employed warrant our attention.

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Cities can take on the ‘big six’ energy companies

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Politicians on all sides want to devolve power to the cities to boost economic growth. Energy should be central to this new agenda.

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Rather than handing young adults to private companies, the government should look at what actually works

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The government wants to push young adult offenders into a probation service modelled on the failed work programme.

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The Condition of Britain report lives up to the hype


Labour and IPPR’s Condition of Britain report is practical, well thought through, implementable and costed.

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Progressives should back Ed Miliband’s welfare proposals

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Working class voters, who the left is supposed to champion, want a fairer and more contributory welfare system.

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Employment is up yet again – but the job is not quite done

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There are more benefits to full employment than you might think.

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Strong vocational education is needed to offset the retirement of baby-boomers

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Statistics show that a strong vocational education system will be required to help fill over 12 million vacancies by 2022. Of these, those caused by the retirement of the baby-boom generation will vastly outweigh those resulting from business growth.

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Road tax should be more progressive

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Current road tax rules hurt poor car owners more than the rich, writes Mark Rowney.

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Why Labour’s new pledge on cleaning up export finance matters

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Chuka Ummuna’s statement last night puts pressure on the coalition to stop taxpayers’ money being used to fund fossil-fuel energy, writes Joss Garman.

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