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It’s time for football’s great reform act


Fifa may decide to reform itself. More likely, a grassroots movement will have to emerge that is strong enough to push through the changes that are needed.

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World Cup 2014: Who should I cheer for?


Costa Rica, with the lowest military spending? Or maybe Cote d’Ivoire, with the lowest carbon emissions?

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Football can no longer belong to a handful of people in a room in Switzerland

Sebb BLatterj

Power over the global game must be handed back to fans, and it’s far from impossible.

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So how does it work, the Quenelle?

The Quenelle openly refers to Nazism, but its link to Nazism and antisemitism is also vigorously denied.

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‘Sport has the power to change the world’. Madiba’s sporting legacy

Shamik Das looks at Nelson Mandela’s sporting legacy, and the role rugby, cricket and football played in the years following Apartheid.

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Football can no longer be blind to human rights abuses

By projecting a positive image of themselves in the UK, repressive regimes in the Gulf are bolstering their efforts to stay in power.

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Football clubs and the minimum wage

The allure of the game has led football clubs to take advantage of its devoted fans, writes Chris Olewicz.

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English football can learn a lot from the Bundesliga – both on and off the pitch

Anyone with even a passing interest in football will have had their eyes on Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund on Saturday night as they battled it out for the most prestigious prize in club football. English clubs, none of which made it past the quarter finals of this year’s Champions League, could learn a lot from watching Bayern and Dortmund in action.

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When did it become taboo to protest against fascists?

The Di Canio incident has underlined the need to step up campaigning against fascism, whether in uncovering extremists in the world of sport or entertainment as well as far-right political movements.

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Paolo Di Canio: “a fascist but not a racist”. That’s ok then

I have no idea whether or not Paulo Di Canio is a racist, just as I have no clue whether everyone who waddles through Trafalgar Square on May Day with a giant portrait of Stalin believes in the necessity of the Gulag or a bullet to the back of the head. I would, however, hesitate to put such people in positions where they have authority over people who their political heroes regarded as expendable.

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