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The problem in Britain isn’t a ‘Westminster elite’, it’s poor social mobility all round


Politics is merely one of a number of professions that are increasingly dominated by the upper crust of British society.

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What the left should take from Rochester and Strood

THornberry tweet

Majorities have group identities just like minorities, and that’s fine.

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Natalie Bennett: We would not prop up a Tory government

Natalie Bennettj

Left Foot Forward editor James Bloodworth caught up with Natalie Bennett yesterday in the appropriately named ‘Ozone Cafe’ to talk about the television leader’s debate and more.

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Ed Miliband might make you cringe, but if you care about inequality he’s the only option you have

Ed Milibandj

Rampant and unjustifiable inequality is the biggest issue Britain faces, and he gets it.

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Ed Miliband at the CBI: why we still need a responsible capitalism

Ed Milibandj

The coalition has lost all interest in any sort of economic rebalancing in its dash for short-term growth.

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EU Commission slaps down George Osborne over rebate claim

George Osborne ncrj

Chancellor George Osborne’s has been slapped down by his EU counterparts and by the Financial Times over his claim to have halved the UK’s £1.7bn EU budget surcharge.

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Ed Miliband must talk about the thing he’s passionate about – rampant inequality


Talk about inequality again, Ed. Get angry about it. You’ll be surprised how many people are with you.

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The anti-immigration voices have lost the economic argument

Immigration ncrj

The economics of immigration are unambiguous: the anti-immigration voices have lost the argument and should move on.

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We celebrate our ‘British Schindler’ Sir Nicholas Winton, but we’ve forgotten what he stood for

Nicholas Winton ncrj

The word ‘foreigner’ has become so toxic that Britain is now prepared to let refugees drown.

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