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Poll results: large majority of Left Foot Forward readers opposed to fracking

Fracking ncrj

83 per cent of you are against fracking, according to our poll.

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Play the world’s smallest violin for Mark Simmonds MP

Mark Simmonds ncrj

What planet does the MP for Boston and Skegness actually live on?

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Why US air strikes on ISIS are right, and why the left should support them

Yazidi 1

It was right to oppose Israeli brutality in Gaza, but now it’s right to support the use of force by the US in Northern Iraq.

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Boris fever highlights the undemocratic nature of ‘safe seats’

Boris Johnson ncrj

As the case of Boris Johnson demonstrates, safe seats are treated like aristocratic estates.

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Boris’s message is more popular than you think. The left must be ready for it

Boris Johnson cycling-JPEG

In assuming the public simply likes Boris because they find him ‘funny’, critics misunderstand his appeal.

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Politicians will never please the public on immigration, so they should stop trying

Immigration ncrj

On immigration, we demand that our politicians serve us a dish of fried snowballs and then feign disappointment when they fail to deliver it.

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The Tory tax bombshell that would clobber middle earners

Money no copyrightj

A senior Tory at the heart of government policymaking has let slip that the Conservatives are considering a new tax plan which could hammer middle and low earners.

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‘Are you better off than four years ago?’ Ed Balls channels Reagan to highlight biggest fall in earnings since 1874

George Osborne 10j

This parliament will see the largest drop in average earnings after inflation since 1874-1880.

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Message to David Cameron: you have no evidence the benefit system acts as a ‘magnetic pull’

Migration uk-JPEG

There’s very little evidence of the ‘magnetic pull’ of our benefits system. But there is evidence which suggests the Prime Minister wants to win back disillusioned Tory voters who’ve been attracted by UKIP.

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George Osborne: making failure look like success

George Osborne nc1j

Celebrating today’s GDP figures as a victory for the chancellor would be a like praising the punctuality of the chauffeur who arrives at his destination three hours late.

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