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Egypt: What will happen if the Muslim Brotherhood seize power?

All trains and internal state-airline flights across Egypt have been cancelled ahead of calls for a million-strong march in Cairo tomorrow, reports Seph Brown.

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Citizens Advice Bureaux “under threat” from government cuts

Reports suggest Citizens Advice Bureaux are under threat from closure, with the CAB chief exec warning of a “real threat to vital funds”, reports Shamik Das.

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Top pollster warns: “Labour should be doing better”

YouGov president Peter Kellner today warned Labour they should be “miles ahead” in the opinion polls as anger over the coalition cuts continues to grow.

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MPC members need to be sure of inflation risks before voting for rate rise

Fortunately, for now a majority on the MPC appear not to be too worried about a permanent increase in inflation expectations, writes ippr’s Tony Dolphin.

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Academics question Salmond’s call for fiscal autonomy

A group of academics have challenged Alex Salmond’s assertion that granting the Scottish Government full economic powers would significantly boost the economy.

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The role Britain plays in facilitating global tax evasion

Today is the deadline for UK tax payers to submit their tax returns; Left Foot Forward reflects on the role Britain plays in facilitating global tax evasion.

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NHS case for change “oversold”, as medics’ concerns grow

The basis for the government’s NHS reforms have been challenged by the UK’s leading health policy institute, the Kings Fund, as more doctors’ groups voice their concerns.

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IFS: Richest to be hit hardest by tax changes in April

The respected economic think tank, the Institute of Fiscal Studies, have released a sneak preview of their annual ‘Green Budget’, to be launched on Wednesday. What we know so far is that the IFS are saying that tax changes to be brought in in April will cost the richest tenth of households typically 3 per cent of their income, compared to 1 per cent for the general population.

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Payday lenders: the need for urgent action

On 3 February, the House of Commons will vote on whether to support the introduction of a series of caps on the amount that payday and home credit lenders can charge for credit. The vote comes at a time when the UK has accumulated one of the highest levels of personal debt in the world. In April last year, British people owed over £1,460bn in private debt.

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Afghanistan: Who do you talk to and will they listen?

The issue of negotiations are far complex and nuanced than usually recognised, explains Captain Patrick Bury (Royal Irish Regiment), who served in Afghanistan.

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