Iran hit pause, we need it to rewind

Iran is not our friend, however smiley and polished their foreign minister is, and this deal has not solved any of the problems over Iran’s nuclear programme, much less over its regional agenda.

Why Israeli-Palestinian talks could succeed

Whilst it is easy to rattle off reasons why things won’t work out in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, it is important not to overstate these, nor to lose sight of factors which could play in favour of a successful outcome

The death of the two-state solution has been exaggerated

According to James’s Joyce’s character Leopold Blum, reading your own obituary gives you a new lease of life. Proponents of the two-state solution should perhaps then be grateful to those declaring it dead. As I argue in a new paper for the Foreign Policy Centre, the two-state solution is not dead, and in fact remains both attainable and indispensable.