Uncertainty over DfID commitment on aid effectiveness

Yesterday we reported on the leaked DfID documents outlining up to 100 projects that may be scrapped, as part of their crusade on ‘output’ based aid; now there is confusion over whether a key commitment on aid effectiveness has been scrapped or not.

Brown: Africa key to global growth

In his first major speech since leaving office, Gordon Brown called for Africa to be at the heart of a new global growth strategy, aided by a mass roll out of broadband.

Cameron fails to fight for world’s poor as G8 drops $50bn aid pledge

The prime minister came to the summits “with a clear commitment to make sure these summits deliver for people. Too often, these international meetings fail to live up to the hype and the promises made” – yet according to The Guardian, Downing Street admitted that he had simply “not fought” for the commitments to be included during the negotiations.