Rishi Sunak receives worse poll yet despite ‘hung parliament’ prediction

A further blow for the Prime Minister as Labour lead is biggest since Liz Truss

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A new poll has revealed just how little faith the electorate have in Rishi Sunak’s government, as Labour’s lead over the Conservatives reaches its highest since Liz Truss’s premiership. 

It marks another crushing blow for the Prime Minister following the devastating local election results in which the Tories lost 474 council seats. After the results Sunak claimed that the UK is heading for a ‘hung parliament’, clinging on to a hope that his party still has a fighting chance in a general election.

However pollsters beg to differ, as the latest YouGov poll published today showed voting intentions for Labour had risen by 4%, putting them on a 30 point lead against the Tory Party. 

This puts the Conservatives the furthest behind their main rival that they have been since Liz Truss’s brief premiership. 

Voting intentions for the Tories had not changed on the previous YouGov poll, remaining at 18%, while 48% said they would back Labour in a general election. 

Polling suggests the Conservatives could lose all but 13 of their MPs at a next general election, which would be a truly devastating result. While Labour would have 551. 

The full poll results are: Conservatives 18 (=) Labour 48 (+4) Lib Dems 9 (-1) Reform UK 13 (-2) Green Party 7 (-1)

(Image credit: Sky News / YouTube screenshot)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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