Embarrassment for GB News after their own poll shows 90% of voters choose to ‘rejoin the EU’

GB News won't be happy...

Brexit and EU

GB News was left embarrassed after the right-wing channel’s own poll showed that an overwhelming majority of respondents want to rejoin the EU, not a result that the channel would’ve been happy with.

Over the weekend, eight years after Britain left the EU, GB News decided to carry out a poll to gauge public opinion on Brexit. They would’ve done well to remember that a number of polls over recent months have shown that a majority favour rejoining the EU, with the demand to reverse Brexit reaching is highest ever level in one poll.

However, GB News decided to put their poll behind a paywall, meaning that only paying readers could participate. Author Edwin Hayward then decided to tweet a link to the poll which bypassed the paywall, allowing others to join in on the voting.

With a wider sample now participating in the poll, the overwhelming majority of votes went to rejoin, with over 90% of voting to rejoin the EU.

Commenting on GB News’ decision to keep the poll behind a paywall, one social media user wrote: “I saw this earlier. Isn’t there a case for @Ofcom to investigate a right wing so-called ‘news’ channel trying to manipulate outcomes in this way?”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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