More Brits believe Earth is flat than think Brexit is going very well, poll shows

Even Tory voters think Brexit is going badly


The majority of British people would like to rejoin the EU, given how negative the impacts of Brexit have been, with just 2% of voters saying they believe that Brexit is going “very well”.

That means more voters now believe the Earth is flat (3%), or the population is being secretly controlled by the dispersal of ‘chemtrails’ (4%) than believe that the Brexit project is fully going to plan, as Adam Bienkov, Political Editor of Byline Times has pointed out.

According to YouGov polling, while overall just 2% of voters think that Brexit is going ‘very well’, when broken down by party affiliation, the figure rises to 6% of Tory voters, showing that even an overwhelming majority of Conservatives think it hasn’t gone to plan.

Meanwhile, 68% of voters think that the government is handling Britain’s exit from the European Union badly.

Earlier this year, a poll for the Independent, carried out by Savanta, showed that two-thirds of Britons now support a referendum on rejoining the EU, while latest polling from the National Centre for Social Research finds that as of last week, 57% of voters think that Britain was wrong to leave the EU.

Despite the change in attitudes, none of the major political parties represents the view that Britain should now rejoin the EU.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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