Criticism grows over Lee Anderson’s £100,000 GB News’ job in wake of Laurence Fox misogyny scandal

‘At some point the government party might have to give the fact its deputy chair appears on this channel some consideration.’

GB News has been under intense criticism this week. Ofcom received thousands of complaints following Laurence Fox’s misogynist rant about political journalist Ava Evans. The channel suspended both Fox and Dan Wootton, who smirked when the comments were made on his show. It was later confirmed that a third GB News presenter, Calvin Robinson, had been suspended for an earlier post supporting his suspended colleague, Dan Wootton.

The latest controversy involving the right-wing news channel has sparked calls for it to be shut down.

Questions over the integrity of Tory MPs, specifically Lee Anderson the party’s deputy chairman, having their own GB News shows, have also been raised.

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes joined calls for the broadcaster to be taken off air. She said it was “odd” that her colleagues – Lee Anderson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Esther McVey and Philip Davies – host programmes on GB News.

“To be frank, from my perspective, if you’re a Member of Parliament you have a day job to do, getting on with the work you have in the House of Commons, and not swanning off in some cases several times a week to present a show on a television channel.”

Anderson, the MP for Ashfield, is paid £100,000 a year his presenting gig on GB News for eight hours work per week, on top of his £86,584 MP’s salary.

On September 29, he interviewed Home Secretary Suella Braverman on his show. Braverman has also faced controversy this week for her ‘alarmist’ speech in Washington on immigration.  Anderson referred to the interview on X as an “exclusive scoop,” which would be Braverman’s “first interview on British soil since her landmark speech this week in the US.”

Following the Laurence Fox/Dan Wootton scandal, many turned to X to share their dismay at Anderson’s presenting role on GB News.

Posting a clip of Fox’s misogynistic remarks, Alan White, editor of Politics Home, offered his thoughts on Anderson’s ‘second job.’

“At some point the government party might have to give the fact its deputy chair appears on this channel some consideration,” he posted on X.

Despite the backlash, when asked about Anderson’s role on the channel, the Prime Minister backed him, saying he was doing a “fantastic job” for his constituents.

In a series of regional broadcast interviews ahead of the Tory party conference, Rishi Sunak said: “He’s helping me deliver for people to halve inflation, to grow the economy, to reduce debt, to cut waiting lists and, importantly, to stop the boats.

“That’s what Lee’s doing. He’s got my total support.”

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead is a contributing editor to Left Foot Forward

Image credit – X screen shot

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