Far right forces have just taken a symbolic kicking in the European Parliament

Progressive pro-EU forces made some big strides in May's European elections.

Pic: Lead candidates for the Greens-EFA group Bas Eickhout and Ska Keller.

The Greens-European Free Alliance group is now officially larger than the main far right group in the European Parliament.

With 75 MEPs, the Green group – which includes the SNP, Green Party of England & Wales, and Plaid Cymru – has overtaken the ‘Identity and Democracy’ (ID) group’s 73 members.

ID is the successor to the far-right ‘Europe of Nations and Freedom’ grouping, and is dominated by Italy’s Northern League, Germany’s AfD party and France’s National Rally.

It is a symbolic blow to far-right, anti-EU forces, but could also have an impact on the allocation of seats to crucial Parliamentary committees. European Parliamentary groups play an official role leading the Parliamentary agenda.

The Green group went from 52 seats before the European elections to 75, boosted by the success of the Green Party of England and Wales, which grew from three MEPs to seven.

EurActive reports that seven political groups have been formed in the new European Parliament ahead of Parliament’s inaugural plenary on the 2nd July. See a full breakdown of the groups here.

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  1. Dave Roberts

    Why is it that 75 years after D Day the very forces that those men went ashore on the beaches to defeat are resurgent? I’ll tell you, immigration and political correctness. The far right are actually winning because of the politics of, amongst other things, this blog.

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