Sun claims Labour is run by ‘toffs’ – yet half of Tory MPs are privately educated

The billionaire-owned S*n has some nerve to try and suggest Labour are run by an 'elite'.

It’s never a pretty sight when the Sun – that mouthpiece of bosses and the right – claims to be a champion of working-class people. 

So it’s particularly galling to see today’s editorial blasting Labour:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is now run by and for the middle class.

“The vast majority of its members play-acting as class warriors are well-heeled yuppies.”

This is, of course, billionaire Murdoch’s paper – one which backed the Tories at the last election.

So let’s have a look at the new intake of MPs – those who actually hold the reigns, who can trigger a leadership contest, and who vote on our laws – and put the Sun’s ‘toff’ claim to the test.

New research from the Sutton Trust reveals the educational background of all the 2017 intake of MPs.

Guess who are privately educated? That’s right. Nearly half of all Tory MPs are privately educated – compared to just 15% of Labour MPs:

Labour’s Richard Burgon MP was among the first to point out the sheer hypocrisy of a Tory-backing rag claiming Labour are run by an elite.

And Tory members themselves? No working-class heroes. Professor Tim Bale, who researches political parties, told the FT last year:

“We know more than three-quarters are middle or upper class, ABC1 in social status…

“Seven out of 10 are men and more than half are over 60.”

While Labour are by no means working-class dominated in terms of membership – it’s a long stretch to suggest the Conservatives have a more working class membership.

Just to recap – the Sun is a paper that has: buttered up its readers for NHS privatisationdemanded employers and the government ‘crush’ striking workers, been effectively banned in Liverpool because of its Hillsborough coverage – and consistently supported Tory tax cuts for the rich, amid a million other sins.

All parties need to expand their membership among working-class people. But Labour and the left won’t be taking any lessons from The S*n anytime soon.

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