Murdoch’s Sun says ‘crush’ rail staff and sack them if they strike

'Return to work or face the dole' - says the workers' paper


The Sun likes to pose as the voice of the working class, but when workers organise and take action to improve their lot, the paper reveals its inner Bourbon.

Its editorial says Southern Rail staff on strikes organised by the RMT and ASLEF unions are ‘grim reminders of how the hard Left attempts to destabilise crucial services and elected Tory governments using the public as cannon fodder.’

‘The dispute is a stalemate between useless bosses and pig-headed militants feigning concern for passenger safety’, it said.

“New bidders must have the will and authority to crush the strikers.

That means ordering them to return to work or face the dole.”

It tops this off by calling on the government to ‘review strike laws to prevent transport arteries being closed’ – as if the Tories’ Trade Union Bill wasn’t draconian enough!

If only the Sun could put it’s noisy chops to use defending working people instead of threatening them with unemployment (while backing cuts to the welfare rolls), and speaking with the vox imperium. 

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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3 Responses to “Murdoch’s Sun says ‘crush’ rail staff and sack them if they strike”

  1. david tandey

    This vicious attack on workers is what we expect from the Far Right Press Barons who pay no tax and hold a Psychopathic hatred for working people. Sooner or later the unions will have to unite to take on the class enemy or face enslavement.

  2. GodfreyR

    The average Train Driver salary is £47,705.

    Please compare with Teachers, nurses, council workers etc.

  3. David Lindsay

    “Ban strikes,” which, if it could be done, would have been done 30 years ago? Or renationalise the railways, while also keeping people safe by keeping the guards on the trains? That is a clear enough dividing line.

    What a one man disaster area is Chris Grayling. But then, from him, to Fallon, to Truss, to Hancock, to others almost too numerous to list, this Government’s signature tune is the sound of the scraping of the bottom of the barrel.

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