PETITION: Tell advertisers to boycott LBC until they sack Katie Hopkins

After the shocking attacks in Manchester, let's get hatred and division off the airwaves

UPDATE: We won! Just three days into our campaign, LBC has sacked Katie Hopkins. Thanks to everyone who gave their support.

Sign our petition calling on advertisers to pull their funds from LBC for as long as they continue to give Katie Hopkins a platform.

After the shocking attack on young people enjoying a concert in Manchester last night, most of us were preoccupied with grieving the devastating loss of life and supporting those affected in whatever way we could.

But Katie Hopkins, LBC host and professional troll, immediately began whipping up hatred — attacking Muslims and calling for a ‘final solution’.

This kind of hatred and division has no place in our society, especially after such a terrible event.

Sign our petition here

UPDATE: In less than a day, we’ve already had more than 2,500 signatures on this petition.

Meanwhile, here are some companies who have been advertising on LBC:





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Have they considered where their money is ending up?

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40 Responses to “PETITION: Tell advertisers to boycott LBC until they sack Katie Hopkins”

  1. Pascal

    That is peddling hate and fear. I hope she faces charges

  2. James Wood

    I am 31 and have never asked for the sacking of anyone but firmly believe LBC should dismiss Katie Hopkins –  a nazi shrill, who has just called for a “final solution” on a public media platform in the wake of a terrible tragedy.

  3. Gail Wood

    Completely unacceptable. Must go.

  4. John Mcniff

    Hopkins is a disgrace!

  5. Fred

    Every time there’s a terrorist attack we hear the same empty platitudes from the Left:

    “We mustn’t let it divide us.”
    “They hate our freedom.”
    “Islam is a peaceful religion.”
    “We musn’t allow extremism to flourish.”
    “We should continue to welcome migrants.”

    If this thinking worked, it would have worked by now. The reason it hasn’t worked is that it doesn’t reflect reality.

    In 2007, a Pew Research poll in response to a question on whether suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilian targets, to defend Islam, could be justified, found this:

    70% of Muslims in Britain believed it could never be justified, 9% believed it could be justified rarely, 12% sometimes, and 3% thought it could be justified often.

    In other words 18% of British Muslims support suicide bombing of civilians. There are 2.78 million muslims in the UK, so 18% = 500,000.

    In mainly Muslim countries (i’m quoting Egypt but the figures are similar across the board)

    45% of Muslims in Egypt believed it could never be justified, 25% believed it could be justified rarely, 20% sometimes, and 8% thought it could be justified often.

    In other words, 53% of Muslims in Egypt supported suicide bombing of civilians.

    This is the truth. The Left simply tries to sanitize the truth with its head-in-the-sand, political correctness. It’s exactly the thinking that led to the Rochdale child abuse scandal.

    You may not like Katie Hopkins, you may not like what she has to say, or how she says it, but her truth is much closer to reality than the Left’s.

  6. peter

    Great opportunity for the Opportunist in Chief, President Elect Theresa May, to boast of strength and stability, paint Corbyn as a supporter of terrorism, fight his lead in the polls, in a Labour dominated Manchester, while Trump is in Palestine, much to the chagrin of people like Hopkins.

  7. Leonora Critchlow

    With free speech comes responsibility and respect for our fellow human beings whatever race, religion etc., and respect for the law. She is given a public platform that by association gives her views some sort of warped credibility to a minority. We stand against hate, in all its forms.

  8. Julie Cuninghame

    Please stop her now.

  9. Simon H

    I started to read the comments left by others – including “Fred’s” remarkable statistical bollocks above.

    Even if there was a shred of substance to his nonsense, let’s separate the narcissistic, self-serving pariah Hopkins from those who wish to have a debate about the fuelling of hatred that comes from the West’s foreign policy; the very people who have created this mess in the first place.

    And above all this, there is something we hold dear to our “Lefty” hearts in this country called dignity and compassion. Less than a handful of hours after those poor people in Manchester prepare to bury their kids – something a parent should never have to do; Hopkins is on her infested soapbox peddling yet more hate through her bilious rants.

    LBC – you really don’t need to give people like this air time. Ratings are won through quality broadcasting and thoughtful content. She and her supporters are devoid of any quality whatsoever and have zero content.

    Do us all a favour and get rid.

  10. Brian

    “Ban this filth!”.

    That’s always the answer of Lefties to any point of view they don’t like.

    They’re so convinced of their own moral superiority that they think anyone who doesn’t agree with them is either evil or stupid.

  11. Richard Tibenham

    She is not helping she just spreads hatred

  12. Roy

    Hopkins is a moral sewer, though I doubt banning her is the right response. A better response is to publicly revile her. As for the comments of Fred and Brian, I’d be grateful if they would provide at least a modicum of evidence for their assertions.

  13. Michael

    Bearing in mind the last man to attempt a Final Solution”, Hopkins ought to have had more sense than to use the term.

  14. Doug1943

    Yes, yes, yes, we’re all in sympathy with the victims and all that, but the REAL mission is to combat anyone who might suggest that Islam has anything at all to do with violence and intolerance. It’s a religion of peace, and the real criminals are the people running the so-called ‘liberal democracies’.

  15. Stuart

    Calling for a final solution is hate speech and incitement of the worst kind. Pity there are people willing to defend her and bleat about ‘lefties’. Where were these people when half a million Iraqi kids were killed by sanctions? Where are they when we invade countries on the basis of lies? They are nowhere, and they get all concerned when what goes around comes around.

  16. Fred

    The link to that table shows that in 2014, 24% of Egyptian Muslims believe that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified. In Turkey the figure is 18%. That’s millions of Muslims.

    Katie Hopkins is right. Terrorists do not care whether we are united or divided, or whether we have democracy of whether we don’t, or whether we have ‘hope’ or whether we have ‘hate’. It is their mission to kill unbelievers and to convert western countries into Islamic states. That’s all they care about. All this crap about ‘standing together’ and ‘not afraid’ etc will absolutely have no effect on either the terrorists’ willingness or ability to kill us.

  17. Larry Woodward

    Don’t forget the “cockroaches” insult. She has previous…..!

  18. Karl

    Will cease buying anything associated with LBCs sponsors & cease listening until she is gone & will spread the word. This appalling women shames a radio station I enjoyed.

  19. Liam Godden

    Unwarranted and unforgivable.

  20. Tom

    Fred refers to the famous research about “jihad” which means “struggle.” It can be personal, moral, inner whatever you like and in of itself does not equal blowing people up. I guess Fred is a card carrying Daily Mail or Daily Express reader.

  21. Gillian Cox

    Sack ‘Catty’Hopkins!!!

  22. Carol

    Wanting to take this vile creature off air is not simply the left wanting to silence the debate. It is not a debate, it is a string of vile comment just to get a reaction. Debate needs rational discourse, with information, listening, attempting to understand each other. None of that is possible with Hopkins

  23. ad

    Henry, according to the survey you just quoted 5-45% of muslims (depending on the country) think suicide bombings of civilian target can be OK. How is that supposed to disprove “Freds” claim?

  24. Anna Fox

    This woman is nothing but a source of hatred, ignorance .. please cut her off the information chain.

  25. Lynne Gerry

    She needs sacking, and learn to keep her mouth shut!!
    Vile woman!!

  26. Stephen hamon

    Final solution! How do we get to Katie demanding holocost? This is the level of serious debate we have come in this toxic environment of self perpetuating denial! The Muslim world is at war with itself, those that hold on to the good name of prophet Mohammad (the moderate mostly whom never read the quaran) and those that follow the written word of Mohammad (the extremist minority who thinks God speaks only for them). As in the past shadow of nazism evil only truly prevails when the majority remains silent and the appeasing liberal calls for silencing of truth!

  27. laura stuart

    For too long KT has deliberately sought to ally with figures like Tommy Robinson and push her divisive anti Muslim agenda.

  28. Cyndee Strahn-Durant

    WOW, how naive! Law enforcement should be hunting down radical Islamists and not stupid tweets. Perhaps if they did, so many people wouldn’t be killed. If you had lost your child in the Manchester bombing, would you care about police chasing tweets? This is ridiculous.

  29. Fred

    in 2006, an ICM report found that 20% of British Muslims sympathize with the motives and feelings of the 7/7 bombers.

    in 2006, an NOP poll found that 19% of British Muslims thought that the 7/7 attacks were justified.

    in 2007, Pew Research asked British Muslims the following question: “Can suicide bombing against civilian targets to protect Islam be justified?” 9% said “rarely”, 12% said “sometimes” and 3% said “often”. The 24% that replied “rarely, sometimes” or often represents over 500,000 Muslims.

    Yet even in light of the evidence, even as doctors pull nails from children’s faces in Manchester, the timid, passive, impotent Left continues to cling to it’s idealist, politically-correct narrative because it can’t face the truth of what’s really happening.

    It’s exactly what caused the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

  30. joanna cove

    with freedom of speech comes responsibility

  31. Janet Peacock

    Katie Hopkins should be sacked for no other reason than she is offensive, insulting and a vile person (I cannot bring myself to call her a human being). Any organisation seen to support the disgusting dribble that comes out of her mouth is as responsible as she is, and deserves to lose the support of its customer base. What happened to accountability? What happened to decency? She is a privileged, pampered middle class nobody that somehow thrives on the hurt she causes, profiting from the pain of others. Please stop this now, sack her stating exactly why, and send a message out to others who do the same (but are not as well supported as she is, or well paid).
    We can’t beat terrorism by sacking Katie Hopkins, but it will go a long way towards decency. So, the people with the power to do this…..grow some and help redress the decline inherent in this country due to pedlars such as (oh I can’t bear to mention her name again….)

  32. noel faulkner

    These sick people need to be removed from the public ear and eye. This woman is a very sick sad soul , with no love in her life.

  33. wayne eaton

    Please remove this vile attention seeking parasite.

  34. Frederick Green

    Hopkins is doing exactly what ISIS want.

  35. Alex from Carlisle

    Judging by the above comments, it appears leftists are more outraged about Katie Hopkins than they are about Salman Abedi.

    Pathetic, the lot of you.

  36. Fred

    I am sad for the needless deaths but too many people are standing up for a foul mouthed cow who incites hatred every time she breaths. To all of you that support her – Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity are not real. Grow a few brain cells and join people in the real World or shut the fuck up

  37. Jimmy fae glesga anti islamic fascist

    Well done Katie the left lost the plot years ago, they do not recognise fascism any longer. Sad bunch of idiots.

  38. Julie Richardson

    Please please get rid of this vile individual. You will loose many many listeners & shoppers

  39. Charmaine

    Hopkins is spreading hate not for idealogical reasons but to promote herself time to say enough is enough be gone vile creature!

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