PETITION: Tell advertisers to boycott LBC until they sack Katie Hopkins

After the shocking attacks in Manchester, let's get hatred and division off the airwaves

UPDATE: We won! Just three days into our campaign, LBC has sacked Katie Hopkins. Thanks to everyone who gave their support.

Sign our petition calling on advertisers to pull their funds from LBC for as long as they continue to give Katie Hopkins a platform.

After the shocking attack on young people enjoying a concert in Manchester last night, most of us were preoccupied with grieving the devastating loss of life and supporting those affected in whatever way we could.

But Katie Hopkins, LBC host and professional troll, immediately began whipping up hatred — attacking Muslims and calling for a ‘final solution’.

This kind of hatred and division has no place in our society, especially after such a terrible event.

Sign our petition here

UPDATE: In less than a day, we’ve already had more than 2,500 signatures on this petition.

Meanwhile, here are some companies who have been advertising on LBC:





More Than





Have they considered where their money is ending up?

40 Responses to “PETITION: Tell advertisers to boycott LBC until they sack Katie Hopkins”

  1. peter

    Great opportunity for the Opportunist in Chief, President Elect Theresa May, to boast of strength and stability, paint Corbyn as a supporter of terrorism, fight his lead in the polls, in a Labour dominated Manchester, while Trump is in Palestine, much to the chagrin of people like Hopkins.

  2. Leonora Critchlow

    With free speech comes responsibility and respect for our fellow human beings whatever race, religion etc., and respect for the law. She is given a public platform that by association gives her views some sort of warped credibility to a minority. We stand against hate, in all its forms.

  3. Julie Cuninghame

    Please stop her now.

  4. Simon H

    I started to read the comments left by others – including “Fred’s” remarkable statistical bollocks above.

    Even if there was a shred of substance to his nonsense, let’s separate the narcissistic, self-serving pariah Hopkins from those who wish to have a debate about the fuelling of hatred that comes from the West’s foreign policy; the very people who have created this mess in the first place.

    And above all this, there is something we hold dear to our “Lefty” hearts in this country called dignity and compassion. Less than a handful of hours after those poor people in Manchester prepare to bury their kids – something a parent should never have to do; Hopkins is on her infested soapbox peddling yet more hate through her bilious rants.

    LBC – you really don’t need to give people like this air time. Ratings are won through quality broadcasting and thoughtful content. She and her supporters are devoid of any quality whatsoever and have zero content.

    Do us all a favour and get rid.

  5. Brian

    “Ban this filth!”.

    That’s always the answer of Lefties to any point of view they don’t like.

    They’re so convinced of their own moral superiority that they think anyone who doesn’t agree with them is either evil or stupid.

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