BREAKING: Katie Hopkins sacked by LBC

Left Foot Forward campaigned for an advertiser boycott when Hopkins demanded a 'final solution' after the Manchester attack

Katie Hopkins has been sacked by LBC, having called for a ‘final solution’ after the Manchester attacks.

This follows a Left Foot Forward campaign, launched this week, calling for advertisers to boycott LBC until Hopkins was removed.

Our campaign was a response to Hopkins’s comments about the terrible attack in Manchester. Within hours, while most of us were still reeling at the tragic news, she was already whipping up hatred — attacking Muslims and calling for a ‘final solution’.

We wanted to make it clear that such hatred and division has no place in our society.

With the thousands of you who joined us, we made it clear to LBC that they couldn’t afford to give a loudspeaker to hate.

Thanks so much for your support.

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28 Responses to “BREAKING: Katie Hopkins sacked by LBC”

  1. Fred

    It’s very telling that after 22 people had been murdered in Manchester, the thing that really got Lefties incensed was Katie Hopkins’ social media comments.

    In fact, it was the first article on this site after the attacks.

    Nothing about radical Islamic terrorists.

    That tells you everything you need to know about where Left wing priorities really lie.

  2. Jane Kane

    Left wing priorities really lie??? Stop doing deals with Saudi the primary funders of ISIs and other terror groups which are making us targets. Stop intervening in the Middle East, stop the police cuts which have made us unsafe. Right wingers who want to divide us have the same agenda as the terrorists. Well done.

  3. Jason

    Don’t be a tool, Fred. What got “lefties” angry was the use of a tragic attack by a vile woman to promote her own political agenda with language that was reminiscent of Adolf Hitler

  4. Pete

    Fred you are a very example of all that is wrong and out of touch with this sad country of ours. It was local Left wing people who were first to react to this horrific act and it carried on in the Left wing NHS. You would do well to remember it was and still is the left who fight for all including you against all the Tory press and idiotic right wing numb brains or sheep as the world see you!

  5. Williams

    fantstic news,good riddance, quite telling that we sell arms to SA to bomb innocents by the thousands without a thought for those murdered children,only our own children matter hey fred.glad she’s gone the poisonous wretch.

  6. Inga

    Her attitude is part of the problem don’t you see that Fred, don’t you find her words utterly disgusting ? incendiary words that could lead to further violence.

  7. Richard Hughes

    oh Fred, are you Katie in disguise? talk about missing the point!
    no one supports terrorists (of any faith) and us “lefties” will condone their cowardly acts all the time (maybe you don’t read about this in the Daily Mail)? but we will also always challenge any bigoted generalising of a Faith when idiots like Katie encourage hatred and revenge. Hope your enjoy your starbucks lunch with Piers Morgan this morning, followed by a spot of fox hunting (hows that for generalising?)

    On a serious note, I recognise your comment and hope you have a lovely day x

  8. Richard Wells

    What’s the betting that some poisonous publication will offer her a job?

  9. Neil Haydon

    The Daily Fail will now offer her a prominent posirtion in their paper.

  10. sven hanson

    Like so many other people I have been sickened on many occasions by this woman’s comments over the years. To suggest a ‘Final Solution’ is speaking the filthy language of the Nazis and by implication is an incitement to racial hatred a crime in itself. I feel no pity for her. I hope she suffers torment for the many thousands of immigrants she’s insulted and scorned, for the boat people that drowned, for those trying to escape the slaughter of Western bombs falling on their towns and cities. May she be dumped on the scrap heap of history for the rest of her miserable, bigoted life.

  11. Norrie

    Another sad day for free speech. So much for the saying ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,’. Well, I don’t like the comments written here so I will play you at your own game and endeavour to get them erased.

  12. John

    Katie Hopkins has the right to say whatever she wants. She really does! But, what is important, is that she is not given a platform to spread hatred and bigotry – something people seem to believe when told! So, let her speak evil wherever her voice is heard, but lets make sure few hear her!

    Freedom of speech is important! Very important! But not when it incites violent actions!

    Anyone defending her clear allusion to Hitler’s mass murder of innocents in the 20th Century need not reply!

  13. Tamara

    LBC are a walking contradiction. This isn’t the first time Hopkins has spewed out hate-filled statements towards Muslims, what on earth did they expect when they employed her in the first place?

  14. john Reed

    the use of language is very unfortunate and taken as just that looks hateful…but I’m sure it was part of a broader argument she was making……we are living in denial if we think by getting about our daily business and holding vigils and posting our sorrow online makes any bit of difference to these people who want us dead……in fact they want the end of us…one could call it a final solution from their point of view…how do we deal with that threat?…if the Saudis don’t arm them someone else will…if we round the ones up who we are watching we are called nazis and they will only be replaced with hundreds more…this is a fight to the death that is going to last several generations…we are at war…so sooner we wake up to that the better

  15. Alex from Carlisle

    After all your leftist efforts – victory! How dare Katie Hopkins point out inconvenient things. So glad she’s silenced! Next target for the left wing social media heroes: Farage and Ferrari… yaaaay!

    … What’s that you say? Salman who… ?

  16. Ian

    She already works for the Mail Neil Haydon.

  17. Fred

    Let me answer those responders to my orginal post at the top of the page.

    When Muslims were stamping on poppies and setting fire to the Union flag at Royal Wootten Bassett, where were you? Where were the impassioned and outraged articles on this website calling for an end to hate speech, how action must be taken, how deeply insulting it was to the memory of our war dead? Where were all you outraged Lefties, demanding that action be taken?

    I’ll tell you where.


    It’s Left wing hypocrisy. You only support causes that favour minorities.

    The reason, I suggest, is becasue you think it’s cool to be seen standing up for oppressed minorities, because you think it makes you modern, forward-thinking and tolerant and hip. Whereas, there is no personal mileage to be seen to be standing up for white soldiers -they’re just tools of the oppressive establishment, right?

    You see, this is nub of the argument: your principles are selective. You try to close down the views you don’t agree with because this allows you to froth with righteous indignation, but you’re nowhere to be found when it’s a cause that doesn’t hold much interest, even though the principles at stake are the same.

  18. Ivan Monckton

    Fred, you’re a numpty.

  19. Demented Dad

    Where was I Fred when extremists stamped on poppies? I’ll tell you where I was. I was stagging on in the UK and in foreign lands. For every time, you show your idiotic behaviour by supporting hate preachers such as Katie Hopkins, you put the lives of my oppos at risk. We all knew Choudary was a bellend and 90% of the Muslim world knew that too. But when they are looking in and seeing the hate being spewed by that virago and her ilk and worse, being paid to do so, anyone that is not white or English speaking gets a little more scared.

    She can spout the drivel she spouts as much as she wants, just as Choudary can, but don’t expect me to be happy that either one is paid by anyone to do so. No one is stopping her right to free speech. All we are doing is showing our contempt for anyone dumb enough to pay her to do so.

    And now because she has used the language of the concentration camp to score points and has lost her job because of it. Well, boo-fucking-hoo. She can get her shiftless carcass back to where it belongs and that is under the stone she crawled out from under.

  20. Karen

    Wah wah wah, Fred, people like you are exactly the same, I’ve seen it before so many times. You cry about Asian paedophiles, but you don’t care about white ones, or you make excuses for them and claim the victims asked for it. You cry about Muslims but you don’t give a shit about the IRA, or fundamentalist Christians (Lord’s Resistance Army ring any bells?) I’m Jewish. I know what a final solution is. Hitler tried to enact one and six million of my fellow Jews died.

    I’m one of those ~lefties~ you hate and there’s no way in hell I’d ever condone ISIS, the sick fuck murdered 22 people – including kids – and I’m glad he’s dead. I live in Manchester. The whole city was devastated by one happened. Perhaps if Theresa May hadn’t cut funding to the police up here, including units investigating terrorism, he could have been stopped. After all, members of the Muslim community did try to warn them police and his local mosque banned him. And yes, the poppy thing is disgusting but it’s hardly up there with setting off a nail bomb that rips children and teenage girls and their parents to pieces.

    Instead of whining on the internet, get off your arse and join the resistance in Syria, I’m sure they’d be glad to have you. Katie Hopkins acts like an internet badass, perhaps she should have gone to fight ISIS too – after all, they’re woman-hating shitbags, being killed by a woman is the worst thing that could happen to them. Just ask the Yezidi women who’ve fought them.

  21. Boffy

    “When Muslims were stamping on poppies and setting fire to the Union flag at Royal Wootten Bassett, where were you? Where were the impassioned and outraged articles on this website calling for an end to hate speech, how action must be taken, how deeply insulting it was to the memory of our war dead? Where were all you outraged Lefties, demanding that action be taken?”

    Well actually, at the time I was arguing for a Proletarian Military Policy.

    And saying,

    “Indeed, large sections of the Left, who can see no further than a crass anti-imperialism, and who misunderstand and misrepresent basic Marxist principles in that regard, and in relation to “Revolutionary Defeatism”, have ended up taking the attitude of “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”, and so ended up as the military and political allies of forces which are the enemy of the working class and of socialists. In so doing they have frequently confused the actions of the British State, and the actions of the individual soldiers sent to fight on its behalf. Even if they have not themselves lined up with those forces, that have grotesquely gone to protest when British troops have returned, as a result of the cross class nature of the anti-war movement, they have allowed themselves to be tarred with the same brush.

    I would argue that this position has nothing to do with the politics of Marxism, nor with the politics, on these issues, of the revolutionary traditions of Lenin and Trotsky. The Left’s position has been a mish-mash, a combination of Ultra-Leftism, Moralism, and Pacifism, which is nothing more than the political expression of that Moralism. As a consequence, it cuts itself off from large sections of the working class, in Britain, and gives the opportunity for Nationalist and fascist forces to intervene opportunistically in that space. Moreover, it boycotts its own politics in providing a working class solution and response to issues, which deeply concern the working class, not just in relation to questions of Defence, but in relation to day to day issues such as Terrorism, short of a millenarianist call for Socialism.”

  22. ted francis

    Oh dear Frederick, where were you?
    Following each of the outrages to which you refer the media positively exploded with members of the public expressing anger, sadness, cries for something to be done, not only in catching the offenders but how to prevent it happening again.
    Your absurdly self-righteous rants create an image of a boggle-eyed Tory/UKIP adherent frothing at the mouth in frustrated rage.
    But you must be careful Freddy dear boy, there’s only so much stimulation to old cardio system can take before it goes pop! Then you’d be heading for a bed in the nearest ICU staffed almost entirely by demmed foreigners; you know, members of minority groups.

  23. Julian

    Katie had to go. Its dangerous to have such narrow minded people in positions where their words and in this case very limited and damaging thoughts can influence a large portion of society. I think one day she will regret these stupid outburts and the inheritted prejudice she keeps spouting. Its good the station is showing some sense of social responsibility and removing her.

  24. uglyfatbloke

    I enjoyed your paper very much Boffy, but you would be able to make better arguments if you did some reading in the war theory department. There’s a MOD publication called (IIRC) ‘The Application of Force’ – probably ‘restricted’ but I’d expect it’s on the web somewhere. It’s a bit dry and dusty and a little bit dated, but still a very good piece of work, also a book called ‘An Introduction to War Theory’ and one called ‘Small Unit Management’ – I’d suggest you start with the latter two (they’re very quick reads) which will give you a bit of practical grounding to make ‘Application of Force’ less impenetrable; also ‘Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs’ would be useful – horrifying, but useful.

  25. Bea

    sadly I’m sure she’ll find more highly lucrative work spreading nastiness probably in the US!

  26. Les Crawford

    “No personal mileage to gained from standing up for the white soldier .”
    Fred , in that one line you have shown what bigotry means .
    They’re changing guards at Buckingham Palace . Some of the guards have black skins .

  27. Ang

    Hip hip hooray she’s gone ( for now)

  28. Peter

    Are all you lefties frightened of language, or what? She is right, a “final solution” IS needed, is it not? How long do you want terrorism from religious fanatics to be tolerated in this country? We are supposed to have got over all that a few centuries back, and now here it is again. Using those words does not imply the use of mass extermination and gas chambers. And here’s something no-one seems to have mentioned: LBC (who similarly sacked another excellent, although this time left wing, presenter, Ken Livingstone, with the equally good David Mellor as fallout) seem to have done this principally to protect its own revenue, following a threat from some leftie outfit (yes, Left Foot Forward, I mean YOU) to campaign for advertisers to withdraw their business! RIP, Freedom of Speech!

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