Remainers creating target list of leave-supporting MPs

Brexiteer MPs representing heavily remain constituencies are to be targeted by pro-European cross-party activists.

Targets are being drawn up of Tories and some Labour MPs who campaigned for Brexit despite representing pro-Europe constituencies.

Theresa Villiers, the former Northern Ireland secretary under David Cameron, represents Chipping Barnet – which backed Europe by 60 per cent. She is thought to feature heavily in plans to be targeted.

Labour and Lib Dem local parties are apparently working together, The Times reports, to decide who is best placed to target these MPs.

Kate Hoey, who represents Vauxhall for Labour, which voted 78 per cent remain, is also thought to be vulnerable. She was photographed campaigning frequently with Nigel Farage, which was thought to irritate many in her constituency Labour party, as well as the wider parliamentary party.

A remain campaigner said to The Times: 

“There are Leave MPs in heavily Remain areas who are sitting ducks and need taking to task by pro-Europeans.  It will be done on a seat-by-seat basis depending on whether the Lib Dems or Labour have the best run at it.”

“This won’t be done between [Tim] Farron and [Jeremy] Corbyn, but each local party will decide the best way to punish these people for what they have done. That’s going to require ruthless targeting and co-ordination.”

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4 Responses to “Remainers creating target list of leave-supporting MPs”

  1. Mike Stallard

    Round here everyone (including me) voted to LEAVE.
    The referendum was lost to REMAIN. Mrs May was a Remainer and she has decided to go ahead with LEAVE. That die is cast.
    However, she is headed in totally the wrong direction in leaving what she calls the “single market”. It is not a single market at all. It has two pillars – EFTA and EU. All here negotiations are going to end up with us as a paying, immigration for all, colony of the EU. The EU calls this “Associate Membership. We pay: they say.
    Pressure should be put on her – very great pressure – to join EFTA and EEA. Mrs Sturgeon is right in this one (and wrong on everything else). Please please do this. EFTA is not perfect. But it is a much stronger bargaining position than AM which is to be avoided at all costs.
    PS The “WTO option” is a non runner: everyone knows that. And the “Swiss Option” which looks a bit like AM is a non runner too – one disagreement and the whole lot falls flat.

  2. ted francis

    Mike, would you have voted Leave if you’d been told that we’d definitely not have access to Britain’s biggest single market and that we’d have to rely on countries like Saudi Arabia, China, India (who only want a kind of “free movement” deal ), the corrupt Philippines? And we’ be taking the begging bowl to Trump who boasts that the only deal is one where he gets more and the other party gets screwed?
    Would you have voted Leave if you’d known that the fabled £350 million per week was not only a lie but that we’d be faced with a bill of around £50 billion as the Exit fee?
    And that our being the centre of the world’s financial markets would start to be seriously undermined within a week of Article 50 being signed?
    And that the pound would tumble in value making the Cost of Living start to climb dramatically?
    And that the negotiations would be in hands of a team happy to accept a “Hard” Brexit deal?
    And all the above is only the beginning, straight from the horse’s mouth and was part of the Remain campaign literature that Farage, Gove, Johnson and IDS et al cynically dismissed as “the policy of fear”?

  3. Alex from Carlisle

    It works both ways. Militant remoaners like Mary Creagh who spat in the face of Wakefield’s 66.4% leave vote will be getting her backside booted out of parliament in 2020 too.

  4. Renee Hamptons

    Totally agree, Ted. We’ve been lied to. Where’s the £350m for our NHS? The back pockets of the Consevatives’ banker friends.

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