Remainers creating target list of leave-supporting MPs

Brexiteer MPs representing heavily remain constituencies are to be targeted by pro-European cross-party activists.

Targets are being drawn up of Tories and some Labour MPs who campaigned for Brexit despite representing pro-Europe constituencies.

Theresa Villiers, the former Northern Ireland secretary under David Cameron, represents Chipping Barnet – which backed Europe by 60 per cent. She is thought to feature heavily in plans to be targeted.

Labour and Lib Dem local parties are apparently working together, The Times reports, to decide who is best placed to target these MPs.

Kate Hoey, who represents Vauxhall for Labour, which voted 78 per cent remain, is also thought to be vulnerable. She was photographed campaigning frequently with Nigel Farage, which was thought to irritate many in her constituency Labour party, as well as the wider parliamentary party.

A remain campaigner said to The Times: 

“There are Leave MPs in heavily Remain areas who are sitting ducks and need taking to task by pro-Europeans.  It will be done on a seat-by-seat basis depending on whether the Lib Dems or Labour have the best run at it.”

“This won’t be done between [Tim] Farron and [Jeremy] Corbyn, but each local party will decide the best way to punish these people for what they have done. That’s going to require ruthless targeting and co-ordination.”

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