Daily Mail huffs about ‘openly gay’ Article 50 judge – before line disappears

Semi-reverse ferret at Dacre towers over High Court ruling


Judges in today’s Article 50 ruling are getting the Daily Mail treatment – though a reverse ferret was employed on one particular ‘charge’.

In the first version of his story, the comically named Richard Spillett yelled:

“The judges who blocked Brexit: one founded a EUROPEAN law group, another charged the taxpayer millions for advice and the third is an openly gay ex-Olympic fencer


Mysteriously, reference to the judge’s sexuality vanished from the story’s headline half an hour later.


Thank heavens the rest of this very important piece survived its disappearance.

Incidentally, the Mail’s research into these judges must have taken more than an hour, which means they had this ready to go for today’s verdict. Would they have published their defamations if the Court had ruled in their favour? Plus ca change.

Still, at least they have a poppy in their masthead.

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13 Responses to “Daily Mail huffs about ‘openly gay’ Article 50 judge – before line disappears”

  1. Mick

    Maybe not but your commenters are ready to go. SO let me join in some pointless bitchery.

    First, nice dig at poppies again. Sly way to slip that in. Also, LFF was hot off the blocks itself over this Article 50 ruling.

    What’s more, openly gay can have connotations, perhaps did until recently, of overt hobbyhorse activism. And you don’t need that in a judge, especially one who’d spend the rest of the day fencing.

    But still, give the Mail credit for rolling editorial policy. LFF simply leave all their junk online forever.

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  3. L jones

    Good article…and “mick”. The point of today was about not allowing the prime minister to sideline parliament. Yours sincerely someone who is openly straight…although God knows what connotations the mail would read into that

  4. Andy C

    Interesting to see which face of conservatism is showing at the Daily Mail – it seems we are seeing a return to gay bashing and nationalism. The UKIP wing of the tories just want to send home johnny foreigner. Boris, Raab, Truss et al want to turn Britain into a more free market version of hong kong. May is trying to synthesise this into a social contract where we only hate rich foreigners and rich “metropolitan” types, a kind of countryside alliance against the EU. How long can they last?

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