Jeremy Corbyn is behind Theresa May among Labour supporters

Ipsos Mori poll finds nearly half Labour supporters are dissatisfied with Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn is failing to please Labour Party supporters according to a new Ipsos Mori poll, which finds pro-Labour members of the public more satisfied with Tory Prime Minister Theresa May.

The poll found just 39 per cent of Labour supporters are satisfied with Corbyn’s performance as Labour leader, with nearly half (47 per cent) dissatisfied – a net result of -8.

This was worse than their opinion of Theresa May, with 45 per cent of Labour supporters satisfied with the Conservative Prime Minister’s performance and 29 per cent dissatisfied.

Corbyn support Labour Ipsos Mori

(Corbyn ratings with Labour supporters)

Among the public overall, only one in four (25 per cent) are satisfied with Corbyn, with 58 per cent dissatisfied – a net score of -33.

Ipsos Mori notes this is up from -41 last month, but still behind former leader Ed Miliband’s rating after his first year, with 31 per cent satisfied and 47 per cent dissatisfied as of September 2011.

Corbyn support public Ipsos Mori

(Corbyn ratings with public)

The poll also finds a general ‘honeymoon period’ among the public on Theresa May’s new role as PM, with 54 per cent satisfied and just 19 per cent dissatisfied. May also has a majority 76 per cent satisfied result among Conservative Party supporters.

All polling suggests Jeremy Corbyn is hugely popular among Labour Party members. 85 per cent of local party groups recently endorsed him over leadership contest rival Owen Smith. 

But polls have consistently shown Corbyn is less popular among the wider public, including with people who voted Labour in the 2015 general election, 2.7 million of whom say they prefer Theresa May to Corbyn as Prime Minister.

A BMG poll this week found Smith was ahead of Corbyn with the wider public, with a 24 point lead for Smith on who would be a better Prime Minister, and 16 points ahead on who would make a better Labour leader.

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