Nearly a third of Labour voters prefer Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn

YouGov poll finds 2.7 million would choose the Tory leader over Corbyn for Prime Minister


Millions of Labour voters would choose Theresa May over Jeremy Corbyn in a battle for the role of Prime Minister, according to a new YouGov poll.

When asked who they would prefer as PM, nearly a third (29 per cent) of people who voted Labour in last year’s general election chose the new Tory leader.

The Times newspaper, which commissioned the poll, said this equates to 2.7 million out of 9.3 million Labour voters.

Beyond the party, just 18 per cent of voters believe Corbyn would make a better Prime Minister.

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The poll comes after another for ICM yesterday records a 16 point lead for the Tories over Labour, the biggest Conservative polling lead for 25 years.

Labour’s support slipped below 30 per cent to 27 for the first time since entering opposition in 2010 after the financial crisis.

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership have said his support within the party gives him a mandate to lead Labour, while critiques say he has failed to win support from the wider public.

Another YouGov poll last week found Corbyn’s support among Labour members had increased four per cent over the previous fortnight.

A ComRes poll a few days earlier showed Corbyn 40 points behind Theresa May (19 per cent vs 58 per cent) among the public on who would make the best Prime Minister.

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3 Responses to “Nearly a third of Labour voters prefer Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. Martyn Wood-Bevan

    It would be good to see some of the Labour MP’s and the MSM taking some responsibility for any of these poll ratings. Most Labour voters read a right-wing paper and watch the BBC news for their only political input. What do you expect. Cameron and Osborne have gone and May has said some things about being a , more caring leader. We’ll have to see what she actually does.

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