Tories 16 points ahead of Labour, says new poll

Labour support drops below 30 for the first time since entering opposition


New ICM polling shows that if an election were held today, the Tories would win 43 per cent of the vote to Labour’s 27 per cent — the biggest Conservative polling lead in 25 years.

In an election, these numbers would translate into a landslide Conservative majority, with Labour losing dozens of seats.

While Theresa May is in her ‘honeymoon’ period — prime ministers typically enjoy unusually high support in the weeks after they take office — the numbers are disastrous for Labour.

This is the weakest support the party has seen since the height of the financial crisis in 2009, and the Tory lead is ten points greater than at any point during Ed Miliband’s leadership.

Support for Labour has also dropped by two points since ICM’s last voting intentions poll less than two weeks ago, implying that the ongoing civil war within the party is impacting voter confidence.

Here are the full voting intention results:

Conservative: 43 per cent (+4)

Labour: 27 per cent (-2)

UKIP: 13 per cent (-1)

Liberal Democrat: 8 per cent (-1)

SNP: 4 per cent (nc)

Green: 4 per cent (nc)

Plaid Cymru: 1 per cent (nc)

‘Clearly, the relative calm associated with the handover of power from David Cameron to Theresa May, allied to the current Labour leadership challenge weighs heavily on electors’ minds,’ commented ICM’s Martin Boon.

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