Jeremy Corbyn surges among Labour members – but trails with the wider public

Polls show Corbyn trouncing Labour rivals, despite the public backing new leadership


Support for Jeremy Corbyn as leader among Labour Party members has increased four percent over the last fortnight, according to a new YouGov poll.

Corbyn also leads by 20 per cent against his two challengers, Owen Smith and Angela Eagle – who are expected to reach a deal today on which of them will run against him.

YouGov’s poll for the Times compared Corbyn’s rating with an earlier poll taken in late June, and finds those who say the Labour leader is ‘doing well’ is upto 55 per cent, with three per cent saying they ‘don’t know’.

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The new poll also finds 54 per cent of members would put Corbyn as their first preference in a leadership vote, way ahead of Angela Eagle on 21 per cent and Owen Smith on 15 per cent. Nine per cent said they don’t know.

In a head-to-head contest between Corbyn and Smith, the incumbent is ahead by 22 points, with 56 to Smith’s 34, while a Corbyn v Eagle race has the current leader 24 points ahead, with 58 per cent.

The results are in stark contrast to a ComRes poll released on Friday which found Corybn trailing behind Prime Minister Theresa May among the British public. 

May leads on Corbyn by nearly 40 points, with 58 per cent to Corbyn’s 19, on who would make a better Prime Minister.

55 per cent said May is a ‘strong leader’, with only 13 per cent saying the same for Corbyn, while 48 per cent said May ‘is good on the world stage’, compared to Corbyn’s 11 per cent.

42 per cent said Corbyn ‘understands ordinary people’, beating May’s 31 per cent, while the two came out more or less even (given the margin for error) on being ‘principled’, with May at 44 per cent and Corbyn’s 43.

On the leadership contest, a majority of the public think Owen Smith and Angela Eagle have a better chance of winning a general election than Jeremy Corbyn, with Smith on 43 per cent vs Corbyn’s 27, and Eagle on 36 per cent vs Corbyn’s 32.

However, ComRes found Corbyn ahead with Labour voters compared with his rivals by similar margins to today’s YouGov poll – 50 per cent vs 23 per cent against Eagle, 44 per cent vs 26 per cent against Smith.

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