Cameron hires Times writer who called Michael Gove a revolutionary to head No10 policy unit

Camilla Cavendish is a reformer like her friend Gove, whom she called 'more Marxist than his enemies'


David Cameron has appointed Sunday Times journalist Camilla Cavendish as head of the Number 10 policy unit.

Ms Cavendish wrote for the Murdoch-owned Times from 2002 to 2013 when she moved to the Sunday Times. She won the Paul Foot award for investigative journalism in 2008 for her work on miscarriages of justice in child protection cases.

In a recent column she called for the PM to embrace new policy ideas outside the Conservatives’ comfort zone.

Writing in February 2014, Cavendish described her friend and former Times colleague Michael Gove, now justice secretary, as a ‘revolutionary’ and ‘more Marxist than his enemies’ for his pushing ahead with education reforms, believing ‘the means justify the ends’.

Her columns suggest she is a ‘compassionate conservative’ reformer in the Govian mould.

Ms Cavendish has also served on the board of health watchdog the Care Quality Commission where she led an independent review on the training of health care assistants.

The Times newspaper was notable for its pro-Tory bias during the general election campaign, despite its reputation as being more balanced than other papers.

We await to see what ‘revolutionary’ new policy ideas the Number 10 policy unit produces under its new head.

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7 Responses to “Cameron hires Times writer who called Michael Gove a revolutionary to head No10 policy unit”

  1. Cole

    Cavendish has been a Tory hack for ages. She is on the board of the Conservative ‘think tank’ Policy Exchange.

  2. JoeDM

    Gove was the most effective minister in the coalition government.

  3. Faerieson

    Gove is a dangerous man. The teaching profession has suffered serious harm due to the blinkered dogma of this creature. Unless those charged with teaching- who obviously want the best for their pupils- are consulted, convinced and involved in and by any changes Gove’s type of meddling is always going to be destined to fail.

  4. Dark_Heart_of_Toryland

    Yes, and Mussolini supposedly made the trains run on time. You shouldn’t confuse strong leadership with good leadership.

  5. Dark_Heart_of_Toryland

    ‘compassionate conservative’.

    Could this self-evident oxymoron not be retired? It’s well past its sell-by date.

  6. the irony

    Nothin more compassionate than abolishing the Human Rights Act.

    Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face while writing that.

  7. Gerschwin

    For once Cole, you and I are in total agreement.

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