New house builds at lowest level since 1920s

The number of houses built in the last 12 months fell by 5 per cent compared to the previous year, according to government figures released today.

The number of houses built in the last 12 months fell by 5 per cent compared to the previous year, according to government figures released today.

There were 109,370 new homes built in the 12 months to 2013 and 122,590 new homes started.

Encouragingly, this represents a 23 per cent increase in the number of new homes built in 2013, but it comes from a very low base – starts remain 34 per cent and completions 41 per cent below their March 2007 level.

Commenting on the figures, Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) chief executive Grainia Long said the figures were “further confimation that we are nowhere near tackling our national housing crisis”.

Labour’s shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds MP described the figures as “yet more evidence of the government’s failure to build the homes the country needs and failing to act on the cost-of-living crisis”.

“With the market beginning to recover, today’s increase in housing starts is welcome but the number of homes built over the past year is down five per cent compared with the year before,” she said.

Labour plans to increase house building to at least 200,000 a year by 2020. It was recently reported that housebuilding in Britain is now at the same level as it was in the 1920s.

Last year Left Foot Forward reported how it now takes first time buyers in their twenties saving half of their net income more than 10 years to put together a deposit for their first home; in London that figure rised to 24 years.

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  1. drydamol1


    I remembered Thatcher’s mantra “We are the biggest
    Democracy in the World” she taught me a lesson whenever a politician repeats a
    phrase it is nothing but Spin .

    Take the example of the Ukraine that became Independent 24 years
    ago after the ‘Peoples Revolution’ took control in 1917 .

    Peaceful Protesters in the Capital of the Ukraine
    occupied Kiev Square ,protesting about the incumbent President Yanukovych who with the Ukraine being in
    financial difficulty has been ‘rewarded’ by Putin to keep allied to Russia
    rather than move towards an EU Affiliation .

    The Ukrainian People have not forgotten the Stalin
    Totalitarian Regime and feel that the EU is a more viable Financial Arrangement
    for the Ukraine to prosper and validate its Independence whereas its leader elected under dubious circumstances does not

    Feeling the Pressure of Democracy at work ,he began
    appeasing the masses relenting to his people’s wish of becoming a Western Nation.

    This upped the game for Russia to spend a little more
    which made Yanukovych do a U

    turn .The protesters were then subjected to having Civil
    Liberties removed and replaced by Draconian Laws making it a Prisonable offence
    to blockade public buildings, wear masks or helmets at demonstrations, erect
    unauthorised tents in public areas, and even made it an arrestable offence to
    “slander a government official.”

    The President is now in hiding and Ms Tymoshenko who was
    jailed for seven years in 2011 for abuse of power is now on her way to the
    capital, Kiev, to join the protesters who have changed the political landscape
    through months of demonstrations that have left dozens dead .How would Cameron
    Osborne Smith and Cohorts fair in the Ukraine ?

    The Price of Democracy when Corruption is a norm for the
    Privileged in Power .

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