Ban private schools

Ban Private Schools

They perpetuate the gross inequalities in the UK; this can only be addressed if they are erased completely.

The two other alternatives which might be more palatable to our politicians are taxing the life out of those that can afford private education (almost impossible), or paying teachers in state education more than those employed privately to drain public schools of their best resource. We do this in many other public sectors to attract the best talent, so why not in education?

Abolish the Monarchy.

Antiquated, expensive and utterly pointless, as well as perpetuating the idea that status and prestige are a privilege of birth.

Abolish the honour system

Not only is this system open to abuse, but we are an international laughing stock, giving out orders for an Empire that has long ceased to exist.

Roll out London Living Wage nationally

The very idea that anybody should be forced to live on 5.73 an hour should be abhorrant to any UK citizen.

Ensure that no person, financial institution or business can borrow money more than they could possibly ever pay back.

The idea that some financial institutions were borrowing up to 50 times against their assets is ridiculous, in what is clearly a doomed strategy.

Equally, 125% mortgages?!

Our guest writer is Peter Carrol

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