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Polling swings back to Yes to independence camp

Scotland independencej

A YouGov poll for the Times shows a modest but noticeable increase in support for independence.

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UKIP supporters most pessimistic about Murray’s chances of winning Wimbledon

UKIP supporters were more pessimistic than any other party’s about Andy Murray’s chance of winning Wimbledon, according to a YouGov poll for yesterday’s Sunday Times.

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The Sun plays down its own poll because it shows support for Labour

The Sun today is playing down its own poll in favour of one conducted by The Independent – because the results of its own poll were too favourable to Labour.

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Ukip’s 18 per cent debunked

Today YouGov released poll data that UKIP are on 14 per cent – something that wasn’t news to me as this is exactly the same as the calculations I made last week. However the figure looks decidedly dodgy.

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Labour is still struggling to leave the Brown era behind

A poll conduced at the end of February by Ipsos-MORI for The Economist shows that the economy continues to be the public’s most pressing concern. This is potentially a double-edged sword for Labour. The public still blame Labour, rather than the banks for the deficit. Moving beyond that will be easier said than done.

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Progressives can win the debate on welfare

It’s regularly assumed that progressives can’t win the debate on welfare, and must outflank conservative opinion from the right. But looking at polling data more closely, this might not be the case.

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Poll: Some see Clegg as likeable; few see him as strong, decisive or trustworthy

In news that is sure to embolden the dissenters at Lib Dem conference, a new poll reveals Nick Clegg to be the least popular party leader since Michael Foot.

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Poll: Cameron seen as out of touch, out of ideas, weak, indecisive and dislikeable

The latest Sunday Times/YouGov poll shows David Cameron is viewed as dislikeable, indecisive, weak, out of ideas and out of touch.

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New poll reveals the consensus behind austerity is shattering

Politics and public opinion across Europe changed decisively in May; before then the austerians dominated – but now, the tide has turned, writes Steve Hart.

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On Europe, Lib Dem voters are closer to the Tories than Nick Clegg

On Europe, Nick Clegg is less in tune with his own voters than the Tories, a new YouGov poll reveals.

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